Digital Spa 2016

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Digital Spa 2016 by Mind Map: Digital Spa 2016

1. Day 1-Understanding the Web

1.1. morning 9:30-12:00

1.1.1. Sign in/Google form 9:30

1.1.2. Jim Groom 10:00

1.1.3. Everyone introduces themselves 10:45

1.1.4. social networking activity KV 30 mins what is a network? peer2peer

1.1.5. How the Internet & Web works IP and DNS - How DNS works Vint Cerf video 6:44 Ip lookup Packets, Routing and Reliability video 6:25 HTTP and HTML video 7:06 speedtest find your IP address

1.1.6. What is an API? video 3:24

1.1.7. Biographies/short & long use remaining time

1.1.8. Resources The birth of the web The beginners guide to the hashtag The strength of weak ties Reclaim hosting 4 Stress-Free Tips for Writing Your Own Bio LifeHacker-write your bio

1.1.9. Google+ make sure everyone is signed up & posts a sight they like

1.2. afternoon 1:00-3:30

1.2.1. Nate Cooper

2. Day 2 Digital Identity

2.1. morning 9:30-12:00

2.1.1. The walled gardens KV Presentation corporations The Frightful Five Gang of Four (Scott Galloway) the price of free Open Source RSA video - Dan Pink

2.1.2. Opening up the LMS walled garden & indie web article SM Presentation

2.1.3. Activity-explore your digital identity Where are you online? Whiteboard work with the 4 questions

2.1.4. work on bios with partner/look at wordpress sites

2.1.5. Resources A Personal Cyberinfrastructure Fifty shades of open Establish and maintain your online identity Alan Levine-CogDogBlog

2.2. afternoon 1:00-3:30

2.2.1. Nate Cooper

3. Day 3 - Teaching on the open web

3.1. morning 9:30-12:00

3.1.1. Discussion on fair use, & copyright/Joan & Asta

3.1.2. copyright copyright basics video Public  Domain

3.1.3. fair use Copyright Education user rights Fair Use checklist

3.1.4. creative commons Creative commons website

3.1.5. Joanna Blakely Fashion's free culture

3.1.6. Activity? How to add a CC license open lab look at discuss case studies

3.1.7. resources Martin Weller The Digital Scholar "Twitter for Teachers: an experiment in openness," Bon Stewart Code of best practices Media lab on copyright Columbia University Advisory Office

3.1.8. case studies jonathan worth Audrey Watters Maha Bali jim grooms Alan Levine Alan Levine Gardner Campbell Bryan Alexander Amy Burvall

3.1.9. The power of open

3.2. afternoon 1:00-3:30

3.2.1. Nate Cooper

4. Day 4 Finding your digital community Our Digital Future

4.1. morning 9:30 - 12:30

4.1.1. developing your PLN Google+ KV SM PLN KV Prezi Resouces 10 simple ways to build your PLN How to cultivate a personal learning network: Tips from Howard Rheingold The Connected Teacher Alec Couros

4.1.2. survey

4.2. afternoon 1:30 - 3:30

4.2.1. Group Exercise Information sources/ digital/analog netvibes/dashboard blogs

4.2.2. finishing domain

4.2.3. reflection open discussion Community of practice

4.2.4. IoT