E-Status: A Statistical Learning Tool

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E-Status: A Statistical Learning Tool by Mind Map: E-Status: A Statistical Learning Tool

1. Teachers/Professionals Opinions about web-based learning

1.1. need more evidence for support

2. E-status as a statistical learning tool

2.1. Give a little information about what E-status is and how it works

2.2. Begin to explain how E-status is new and how it is a good thing

3. Student Performance

3.1. Studies showing results from E-status use

3.2. Studies done on other web-based tools

4. Web vs. Printed Guidlines

4.1. Advantages of Web

4.2. Advatages of Print

4.3. How web can be better than print

5. Web better for environment

5.1. Explain how the web can be better for the environment

5.1.1. Less paper

5.1.2. Need more sources

6. More research needs to be done over the weekend