Milwaukee Neighborhood Health Center

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Milwaukee Neighborhood Health Center by Mind Map: Milwaukee Neighborhood Health Center

1. Provides both Primary and Acute Care

1.1. 85% of clients have Medicaid

1.1.1. Medicaid ir provided by the state for people who are under a certain level of poverty.

1.1.2. Children under 18, parents, graduate students, unemployed people

1.2. 5% of clients have Medicare

1.2.1. Federal program for people over the age of 65 or for people with disabilities.

1.3. 10% of clients have commercial insurance.

2. Primary Care

2.1. Physicals,check-ups, immunizations, annual exams

2.2. All care is done in the office.

3. New node

4. Chronic Illness

4.1. People come to MNHC as their primary care provider.

5. Nurse Practioners

5.1. They have a full time pediatric nurse practioner

5.2. Adult nurse practitioner that deals with adults

5.3. Adult nurse practitioner that specializes in stroke prevention and neurology

6. College of Nursing

6.1. Provides clinicals for students

6.2. Place for physicians to keep up with their certificate

7. Staff

7.1. Full-time registered nurse

7.2. Medical assistant

7.3. 2 consulting physicians

7.4. Office coordinator

7.5. 2 customer service representatives

8. Hours of Operation

8.1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8-5

8.2. Tuesday, Thursday 7-7

8.3. Some Saturdays 10-2