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Show & Tell by Dan Roam by Mind Map: Show & Tell by Dan Roam
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Show & Tell by Dan Roam


Help others see what we see

Change the audience by





3 Principles

Tell the truth

Lead with truth and heart will follow

Tell it with a story

Lead with story & understanding will follow

Tell the story with pictures

Lead with eye & mind will follow


3 Types

Heart (emotional truth), Hardest to change

Head (intellectual truth)

Data (factual truth)



3 Elements (buckets)

Our idea, What do I really want to say?

Us, What do I most want my audience to remember about me?

Audience, What is the change I want?


Each storyline is different but they have 2 things in common

They all have a beginning & end

The end is always higher than beginning

PUMA (Presentation's Underlying Message Architecture)

4 types of storylines

The Report, Present data, Change our audience's information

The Explanation, Share knowledge, Change our audience's knowledge or abilities


The Pitch, Poses a problem and a solution but requires some persuasion, Change our audience's actions

The Drama, Drama takes us on a journey, Change our audience's beliefs


Say less, show more

6 modes of thinking

Who and what are we talking about?

Where are they located?

When do they occur?

How much is there?

How do they interact?

Why is this so?

6 pictures to show anything

Portrait, Who, what

Chart, How much

Map, Where

Timeline, When

Flowchart, How

Equation, Why

How not to worry


Start filling the buckets, Our idea, Us, Audience

Select storyline and organize with PUMA

Refine PUMA & add pictures


Do plugs-out test, Find a room replica, Realistic setup, Talk thought entire speech, in entirety, Do another walk through

Do the test again with audience

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