Psycho Cybernetics -  Big Ideas

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Psycho Cybernetics -  Big Ideas by Mind Map: Psycho Cybernetics -  Big Ideas

1. Self-Image: Your Key to Living Without Limits

1.1. New Scientific Insights into the Subconscious Mind

1.1.1. Sub-conscious Goal striving servo mechanism Its a servant Consists of It is Directed by the conscious mind

1.1.2. Goals Filter through our Self Image Rejected if in-consistent Accepted if consistent We must program our self image

1.2. Self Image = Your Secret Blueprint

1.2.1. Mental Blueprint of ourselves Result of Past Successes Failures Trial Triumphs Imprinting Authority Intensity Repetition

1.2.2. We are Consistent with our self image Actions Lack of Action Feelings Lottery Winners

2. Conscious Mind = Control Knob of sub-conscious

2.1. conscious Mind = "control knob" of your unconscious machine.

2.1.1. 1) Conscious Chooses the target

2.1.2. 2) Conscious Communicates the target self image to current self image using imagination

2.1.3. 3) Self image issues work order to sub-conscious (for goals in alignment w/ Self image)

2.1.4. Your sub-conscious does not reason or question the data you feed it. It merely acts on the orders

2.2. Generate Deep Desire by feeling the result right now

2.2.1. Make End Results appear REAL right now

2.2.2. Constantly feel the End Result RIGHT now

2.2.3. Generate Enthusiasm, cheerfulness and happiness

3. How to Awaken the Automatic Success Mechanism Within You

3.1. Psycho Cybernetics

3.1.1. Cybernetics = Self Guided Target seeking mechanism (rockets/Torpedos)

3.1.2. Psycho Cybernetics= Goal seeking mechanism within our brain

3.2. Our mind has a SERVO mechanism

3.2.1. SERVO =servant

3.2.2. A torpedo/missile Uses Servo mechanism to guide itself to the Target

3.2.3. Our mind uses the sub-conscious as the Servo/Servant

3.3. The COMPLETE goal seeking mechanism within us is comprised of

3.3.1. Goal

3.3.2. Conscious Mind Uses Imagination to Program your self image Program your goal into the sub-conscious

3.3.3. Sub-conscious Mind The real servo(servant) mechanism resides here

3.3.4. Self Image

3.4. Conscious v/s Sub-conscious

3.4.1. Conscious Brain & Processing power = size of a packing box Willpower Ego decision making part Most of use this a lot Most of us bank on the conscious mind to achieve our goals But if we only try to use this to succeed without getting our sub-conscious engaged .... we will fail Conscious mind = The Programmer

3.4.2. Sub-conscious & Processing Power = size of the milky way Orders of magnitude more powerful Greater than The most powerful Super-computer ever built But we have to constantly program and direct it using our conscious It is like a garden If you are not planting good seeds, weed will grow by default

3.5. How Your Automatic Success Mechanism comes to life

3.5.1. When your Self-image and goal are in agreement Self Image Self Beliefs It is Programmed through Imagination Your goal The dominant thoughts that have the most power associated with them

3.5.2. The subconscious (servo mechanism) gets the working order through Images It does not understand language Imagination is what works Visualization Emotional intensity Beliefs

3.6. Exercises

3.6.1. Programming Your Self Image 1. Form a picture in your imagination of the self you want to be and see yourself in the new role. 2. Write it out in detail 3. Act as if you are that NEW person 4. Read it out daily and feel it 5. Repeat as often as possible

3.6.2. Activating the Goal This goal, or target, must be thought of as "already in existence now," Process 10-15 mins daily Write out the goal in detail Draw illustrations on paper Write the details that create excitement Feel it Repeat as often as possible

4. Imagination: The Ignition Key to Your Automatic Success Mechanism

4.1. Imagination sets the goal picture that our automatic mechanism works on

4.1.1. Imagination Goal

4.1.2. We fail to act because of lack of imagination not willpower

4.2. We always act and perform according to our self image

4.3. We perform according to the movies we see in our minds

4.3.1. write it out word for word- very precisely

4.3.2. "You must have a clear mental picture of the correct thing before you can do it successfully."

4.4. A Strong Mental Picture Can Pull You Toward Success Even When You Have No Logical Argument for It

4.4.1. When you see a thing clearly in your mind, your creative "success mechanism" within you takes over and does the job much better than you could do it by conscious effort or willpower.

4.4.2. Picture the target you really want to hit And let your creative success mechanism take over.

4.5. Mental Theatre Training Exercise

4.5.1. make these pictures/videos as vivid and detailed as possible. Pay attention to small details, sights, sounds, objects, in your imagined environment. Details of the imagined environment are all-important. The more vivid it is, the more real it is for your nervous system

4.5.2. You don't need faith. Just imagination

4.5.3. Act as if. Feel As If

4.5.4. This exercise builds new "memories" or stored data into your midbrain and central nervous system. It builds a new image of self.

4.5.5. 1. write out a brief outline or description of the mental movie you intend to view in the Theater in the Mind.

4.5.6. 2. For 30 minutes/day Same time each day Find a quiet relaxing place Play this movie in your theater. Edit. Replay

4.5.7. 3. Edit the movie such that you PERFORM exactly as you desire

4.5.8. 4. Watch it over and over again

5. How to Get and Keep "That Winning Feeling"


5.1.1. ii. You supply the goal by thinking, in terms of end results.


5.2.1. Must feel REAL in the present Moment

5.2.2. Evokes the same feelings as you would feel if

5.3. Your Nervous System Can't Tell "Real Feeling" from Imagined Feeling

5.3.1. Keep your positive goals in mind Feel as if already accomplished

5.3.2. Picture them to yourself Make them real

5.3.3. Experience winning feelings: Self confidence, courage, faith

5.4. Feel as if YOUR goal is already accomplished

5.4.1. Now we are using the power if Sub conscious mind

5.4.2. When you feel successful, you act successfully

5.5. Your Brain is constantly recording patterns

5.5.1. our neurons discharge an electrical current that can be measured when we THINK REMEMBER IMAGINE

5.5.2. Any time you do something real/imagined it gets etched in your brain. The more successful execution you imagine (with feeling), the more that successful execution gets etched in your brain.

5.5.3. Reactivate successful action patterns out of the past --> Reactivate winning feeling

5.6. Feeling -> ACTION/Imagined Action -> Feeling Loop

5.6.1. Feelings -> spark Action Action -> spark Feelings

5.6.2. Imagined Actions -> Feelings Feelings -> Imagined Actions

5.6.3. Strike the spark anywhere in the loop! Furnish the spark to bring an action pattern to life or replay it in your mind It will execute itself

5.7. Build Success Patterns into Your Gray Matter

5.7.1. synthetic and actual experience have virtually identical impact

5.7.2. Use small wins to get the winning feeling

5.8. Exercise: How to use your past successes

5.8.1. What you succeeded in is not so important as the feeling of success that attended it

5.8.2. RELIVE  the winning feeling from any past experience Details c. What sounds were there? What about your environment? Little things that accompanied the main event Smallest possible detail Will give you the greatest POssible feeling Smaller and sharper the detail Greater that feeling All your senses Date Time What exactly were the feelings? Feel those feelings

5.8.3. Now use this winning feeling for the current task at hand

6. Acquiring the Habit of Happiness

6.1. Happiness is not something that is earned or deserved

6.2. If you wait until you deserve to think pleasant thoughts, you are likely to think unpleasant thoughts regarding your own unworthiness.

6.3. Happiness is not the reward of a virtue, but a virtue itself.