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GS Convention Online Experience by Mind Map: GS Convention Online Experience
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GS Convention Online Experience



Brings StoryWeaving forward

Asks juicy questions

Invites people into story & relationship

People feel empowered

We ARE the Movement

There is currently a lot of conceptual buy-in for this concept. Operationally it's a bigger challenge. We invite everyone to live into this vision.

People feel authenticity & transparency

Convention Site

StoryWeaving is a process that weaves the elements of Convention together. e.g. It's part of the Vision Video and Overview on Convention Site home page -- it's part of what ties everything together.

StoryWeaving @ top level

About StoryWeaving

In addition to overall messaging re StoryWeaving on the Convention Site home page, we imagine a link to

Invitation to StoryWeaving

StoryWeaving is a process that weaves the elements of Convention together

Communication Materials

GSUSA Home page

Possibilities for Future

Continuing Interaction with Membership

e.g. Wiki remains online as a vehicle for members, national board, national staff to continue the kinds of interaction that we're trying to foster. Opportunity for GSUSA to have an official place where members go to connect and get info.

Member-friendly site for Capital Campaign