Interdiscipline & Multi-discipline Power Electronics

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Interdiscipline & Multi-discipline Power Electronics by Mind Map: Interdiscipline & Multi-discipline Power Electronics

1. Multi discipline

1.1. Integrating power electronics design technologies

1.2. Department of Power Electronics & Drives

1.3. Power Electronics

1.4. Power electronics

2. Renewable Energy

2.1. general

2.1.1. Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems, Transportation and Industrial Applications

2.1.2. Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems


2.1.4. Application of Power Electronics Devices for Renewable Energy Systems

2.1.5. Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Conversion

2.1.6. The Role of Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems

2.1.7. Power Electronics, Energy Harvesting and Renewable Energies Laboratory

2.2. solar

2.2.1. The Basics of PV System Power Electronics

2.2.2. Power electronics for PV power systems integration

2.2.3. Application of Power Electronics in Solar Energy

2.2.4. Solar Energy Harvesting: Power Electronics Interfaces and Control

2.3. wind


2.3.2. Future on Power Electronics for Wind Turbine Systems

2.3.3. Power Electronics in Small Scale Wind Turbine Systems

2.3.4. Three questions about wind grid codes and power electronics

3. Lighting

3.1. LED Lighting Illuminates Buck Regulator Design


3.3. LED lighting increases power electronics complexity, drives new power supply market

3.4. Dimmable Buck LED Driver Simplifies LED Lighting Design

3.5. Lighting systems: A course for increasing power electronics attractiveness in non-specialized engineer school?

3.6. Implementing power electronics in fluorescent lighting

3.7. Power Electronics for Lighting

3.8. SL Power Electronics' LED power supply meets EMI and EMC global lighting standards

4. Power Transmission & Distribution

4.1. The future of high power electronics in Transmission and Distribution power systems

4.2. Application of power electronics in the transmission of electrical energy

4.3. Power Electronics for Distributed Energy Systems and Transmission and Distribution Applications

4.4. Stability of Power Electronics Based Power Distribution Systems

4.5. ELEC6226: Power Electronics for DC Transmission

4.6. IEEE Tutorial Course Applications of Power Electronics to Power Distribution Systems

5. Automotive


5.2. Power electronics in automotive applications

5.3. Application of Power Electronics in Automotive Applications

5.4. APE Automotive Power Electronics

5.5. Handbook of Automotive Power Electronics and Motor Drives

5.6. Embedded power electronics for automotive applications

5.7. Automotive electrical systems-the power electronics market of the future


6.1. Applying power electronics to residential HVAC-the issues

6.2. Power electronics: the hidden technology that makes the modern world run

6.3. Cool Electronics Hot A/C

6.4. HVAC energy efficiency standards go regional

7. Control Systems

7.1. Control Systems for Power Electronics

7.2. Control systems for power electronics

7.3. Design, Prototype, and Deploy Digital Control Systems for Power Electronics Applications

7.4. Department for Power Electronics and Control Systems

7.5. Control system laboratory: a power electronics teaching experience

8. Software / Programming

8.1. Multidisciplinary Software Integration - Tools for Power Electronics

8.2. Software Simulation

8.3. Development of customized power electronics system analysis software for use with a power quality workstation

8.4. Virtual Power Electronics: Novel Software Tools for Design, Modeling and Education

8.5. Software design methodology for power electronics applications

8.6. Subject: Software tool in power electronics

8.7. Software Engineer Power Electronics Drivetrain

8.8. Power Electronics Software Engineer


9. Protection


9.2. Control and protection of power electronics interfaced distributed generation systems in a customer-driven microgrid

9.3. Electric Energy Systems Protection and Power Electronics

9.4. Overcurrent Protection for Diodes and Thyristors

10. Embedded / Microcontroller

10.1. Why developing power electronics embedded software is so hard ?

10.2. Co-design of embedded controllers for power electronics and electric systems

10.3. Embedded power electronics for automotive applications

10.4. Embedded Software forPower Electronics Applications

10.5. Which is the best Arduino for power electronics projects?

10.6. How do I use Arduino in power electronics?

10.7. Embedded Power Electronics, Converters and Control

10.8. Power Electronics for the Microprocessor Age

10.9. Microcontroller Enables Digital Control in SMPS

10.10. Microcontroller Based Low Cost Controlled Rectifiers Training Module for Power Electronics Laboratory

10.11. Microcontroller for Power Electronics

11. Motor

11.1. Power Electronics/Motor Controller Design

11.2. Power Analysis Of PWM Motor Drives

11.3. Power Electronics and Motor Drives in Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

11.4. Power Electronics and Motor Drives

11.5. Power Electronics And Motor Drives


11.7. Universal Motor Speed Control

12. RF

12.1. Zigbee USNAP Module for Smart Energy Applications

12.2. A power electronics communication protocol for distributed digital control architectures

12.3. Combined studies of power electronics and communication networks for the smart grid

12.4. Communication Network for Internal Monitoring and Control in Multilevel Power Electronics Converter

12.5. Remote supervisory systems for power-electronics devices