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Flatteners of the World by Mind Map: Flatteners of the World
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Flatteners of the World

End of Cold War Era

Brought down the trade barriers that were slowing down globalization

Ended political rivalries that was impeding equal access to technologies, resources and ideas

The Steroids

Advances in technology that help spur globalization by expanding the capacity of the the previous flatteners.


Outsorcing is sending jobs overseas to people that get paid less.

The Internet

A general Forum for people of the world to collaberate ther ideas, this forum is the World Wide Web.


The same as outsourcing except that it deals with sending an entire company overseas rather than just a small aspect of a company like phone calls.


The use of search engines to empower people with knowedge

Work Flow Software

This Software allows for readilly availible and translateable digitle programs that are easy to send and recieve among people anywhere and for anyone.

Protocols have helped industries and companies to have a universal language amongst computers. Before this people had to run around w/ paper because the computers couldn't read eachother's programs.


Insourcing is very invasive supply chaining provided by some other companies


Uploading flattens the world by connecting people to free information via the internet, as long as someone has uploaded it before.

Wikipedia is a forum for uploading information as a way to make a multilingual encyclopedia.

Supply Chaining

Supply Chain is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.