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NH State Budget by Mind Map: NH State Budget
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NH State Budget

Captial Budget and Debt

$239 M

General Fund Debt

General Obligation Debt

Self Supporting Debt

Turnpike debt

Debt Issued offset by Debt Retired

Growth: $644M to $822M

+28% / 4yr

Usually very static

Operating Budget

July 1st new year

Federal Funds

Tax Revenues

General Fund, Discussion of surplus / shortfalls occur here, Diverse basket of taxes, 10 sources is 81%, More stable then national economy, Taxes, Business Taxs, $611M - 31%, PBT & BET, Tobacco - $244 - 13%, Big swings when MA changes rates, Meals and Rooms - $232 - 12.5%, Liquor - $120 - 6.5, I & D - $84.5 - 4.5%, Real Estate Transfer - $84.5 - 4.5%, Communications - $80 - 4.3%, Insurance - $87, Lottery - $66, Medicade Enhancement - $118, "MediScam", Fund the hospitals, Feds match th efunds, Hospitals write a check back to NH, Other, Court Fees, securities revenue, utility, beer, utility state property, raceing, tobacco settlement

Education Fund, Money is sent back to towns, Response to Claremont case, "public adequecy plan", name changes ~2 yrs, Transparency w/r/t tax increases for this Fund, This is NOT a trust fund like other states, Not balanced seperately, but as a line item of the general fund

By Fund

2 yr numbers given

General Fund, $3.2 B

Federal Funds, $3.7B

Education Fund, New node

Other "Other Funds", $1.9 B, The new Education Trust Fund

Fish and Game


Funds must be balanced

RSA 9:8


Estimated revenue

Money remaining from propr biennium

Bonding (debt) prohibited for "operating expenditures"


General Government, $555 M

Justice, $691 M

Resources, $344 M

Transportation, $566 M

Health and Social, 2087 M

Education, 1502 M

Employee Costs

12,000 state employees @ 45,800

Wages approx. $600 M in wages

Benefits approx $250 M

Retirement approx $50 M

$900 M = 15% of annual costs

Local Aide

2009, Education, $1.017 B, Municipal, $125 M

2010, Education, $1.026 B, Municipal, $93 M

Combined is 45% of Operating Budget

Slides available on

Spending Trends

Over 20 years

General Funds - 4.5%

Biennial increase avg. 8.7%

Inflation adjusted - 2.6%

10 yr

GF + ETF 10 yr avg - 2.55%

1989 adjusted - 1.025 B


Monthly REvenue and Historical

Budget Document (LBA)

Go here and find the bond statement

Last half of the last page is the most concise list of state spending - all 6 categories