Make the World A Better Place

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Make the World A Better Place by Mind Map: Make the World  A Better Place

1. Other People

1.1. Cards for Sick, Poor, Ederly

1.2. Cheerful Drawings for Cancer Patients

1.3. Make presents

1.4. Feed the World's Hungry

1.5. Warm clothes for Alaskan workers

1.6. Cheerful cards

1.7. Art that we give away or display for cheerfulness

1.8. Read stories to elders

1.9. Help the poor - sponsor a child in Guatemala

1.10. Environmental Posters for Seward

2. School

2.1. Gifts for teachers that we make

2.2. Pick up litter

2.3. Water helpers at HS sports

2.4. Playground Helpers

2.5. Beautify Classrooms

3. Military

3.1. Make a jigsaw puzzle for them

4. Performance

4.1. Mountain Haven

4.2. Other Schools

4.3. Make a Happy Video

4.4. Play