EFNS Conference 2010

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EFNS Conference 2010 by Mind Map: EFNS Conference 2010

1. September 25th

1.1. Free Teaching Course: How to examine

1.1.1. The face of a patient

1.1.2. Double vision

1.1.3. Disturbed Consciousness

1.2. Teaching Course 19: Controversies in Neurology

1.3. Teaching Course 2: Movement Disorders - Advanced

1.3.1. Basal Ganglia Functions

1.3.2. Neuro degeneration with brain Iron accumulation

1.3.3. Movement disorders look-alikes: the great pretenders

1.3.4. Update on dopamine responsive dystonia

2. September 26th

2.1. Main Topic 1: Movement Disorders, expanding the boundaries of practice

2.2. Short communications on stroke

2.2.1. Value of emergency transcranial doppler sonography to predict symptomatic vasospasm in spontaneous acute subarachnoid haemorrage

2.2.2. Recanalization and clinical outcome after intravenous thrombolysis of basilar occlusion as a function of onset to treatment time (OTT)

2.2.3. Study of variability in response to aspirin after ischemic stroke - experience from a rural area in southern spain

2.2.4. Troponine in Acute Stroke

2.3. Lundbeck and Merz Satellite Symposium: Are communication deficits in Alzheimer's disease a relevant target for intervention?

2.3.1. Language and communication in Alzheimer's disease missed this talk Professor Ferris

2.3.2. Management of language and communication deficits in Alzheimer's disease Professor Emre

3. September 27th

4. September 28th

5. Social Media

5.1. #EFNS Twitter channel

5.2. Paul de Roos, MD

5.2.1. Neurology Blog Collection of my neurology resources All important updates on conferences / educational activities I undertake are stored here

5.2.2. Education and Training Blog my blog on education

5.2.3. Twitter

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