Oil and Water crisis in the Middle East

Kahlea, Rimsha, Brian

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Oil and Water crisis in the Middle East by Mind Map: Oil and Water crisis in the Middle East

1. Oil Crisis (Impacting the Region)

1.1. Oil spills are contaminating the water and air.

1.1.1. “It is the smell of oil and it is everywhere, rising to the sky at the wellheads, spilling from the tanker trucks that bump up potholed roads to backyard refineries in the Kurdish hills, and again rising to the sky as fumes from their chimneys.” This means that when the oil is leaked it can contaminate the air. When the air is contaminated it is harder for people to see and maybe breathe.

1.1.2. On the Map you can see red and green dots in the water (representing oil and gas) which can mean that there is oil in the water. Having oil in the water can affect the ocean life When the ocean life is affected it can affect the people that go fishing for food.

1.1.3. Solution: Oil can be kept away from the water, so it does not harm the water, and it inhabitants. How you can protect the air from the foul smelling oil, well, you can't really do that.

2. Water Crisis (Impacting the Region)

2.1. The region is being impacted because the water is very scarce.

2.1.1. "Much of the land that is available for producing food is destroyed be increasing desertification"-Water in Crisis article This impacts the region because the dry weather is not great for agriculture, and not good for animals living there.

2.1.2. Solution: We could contact a water organization that could help bring the region some water to not make the area so dry and give clean drinking water for the people living there.

3. Water Crisis (Impacting the People)

3.1. With a scarce amount of water, water is limited, and you cannot grow crops.

3.1.1. "Agriculture uses 85 percent of water in this region." This affects the people because 85 percent of the water is used on crops, so if the crops fail they would be starving and dehydrated.

3.1.2. Solution: They could make sure to only use a specific amount of water and not overuse the water just for plants.

4. Oil Crisis (Impacting the People)

4.1. The oil crisis affects the people because fights start happening when someone gets more oil than another

4.1.1. However there is a lot of oil so there shouldn't be fighting. “In fact the whole of Iraq sits atop seams and pockets of the sticky stuff. There is plenty to go around, if only the Iraqis could agree to stop shooting each other.” “There is plenty for other Arabs, too…. The Arab world’s oil is unevenly shared. Saudi Arabia alone holds the most of all reserves.” Both details show that there is plenty of oil for everyone, but everyone wants more to themselves, or their country This shows that there shouldn't be fighting because there is a lot of oil around them.

4.1.2. Solution: People could get notified that there is a lot of oil in the countries, and that they shouldn't be fighting.