Neuro degeneration with brain Iron accumulation

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Neuro degeneration with brain Iron accumulation by Mind Map: Neuro degeneration with brain Iron accumulation

1. functions of Iron

1.1. missed

2. places in the brain that have most iron

2.1. picture

3. Iron can be toxic

3.1. Iron-metabolism

3.1.1. Fe2+ form picture

3.1.2. picture

4. Disorders

4.1. NBIA - syndromes

4.1.1. neurodegeneration with brain iron accumuluation NBIA Type 1 PANK2 gene mutation formerly: Hallervorden-Spatz disease Panthotenate kinase associated neurodegeneration type 2 Picture Madhavi et al 2004, movement disorders society movies NBIA Type 2 INAD ANDA (I) ANDA (II) Idiopathic form Paisan-Ruiz et al 2009 Aceruloplasminemia Neuroferritinopathy MRI: eye of the tiger sign Onset 3-5th decade symptoms Hereditary ferritinopathy Kufor Rakeb disease Park 9 Ramirez et al 2006 ATP13A2 mutations picture

4.2. Neurodegenerative disease

5. Why does iron accumulate?

5.1. We don't know

5.2. Pantothenat kinase phosphorylation of cystein/pantethin

5.2.1. no phosphorylation

6. imaging

6.1. J. Med. Genetics 2009, Gregory et al.

6.1.1. Some indices to look at

6.1.2. hypo intensity in basal ganglia AND hyper intensity