Long-term effects of Alzheimer's disease treatment

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Long-term effects of Alzheimer's disease treatment by Mind Map: Long-term effects of Alzheimer's disease treatment

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1.1. EFNS Conference overview

1.2. Previous Presentation

1.2.1. Management of language and communication deficits in Alzheimer's disease Professor Emre

2. Author

2.1. A. Atri

3. 1. Overview

3.1. Cost of AD to society & families

3.1.1. picture

3.1.2. www.alz.org/media/newsreleases/current/062602ADcosts.pdf

3.1.3. wimo et al pharmacoeconomics 2003

3.2. bird's eye view of impact of AD

3.3. Clinical efficacy

3.4. etc. see pic

4. 2. Clinical Efficacy

4.1. Domains

4.1.1. Cognitive ADAS-Cog/SIB

4.1.2. Global

4.1.3. Behaviour

4.1.4. Functional

4.2. Global overview of the 4 key domains - significant differences favouring memantine

4.2.1. Effect sizes

4.3. Memantine reduces caregiver burden

4.4. Expectations for treatments

4.4.1. multiple ways to define treatment benefits picture

4.4.2. Treatment expectations vs expectated decline picture Geldmacher et al J Nut Health Aging 2006

5. 3. Clinical Effctiveness & Need for long term studies

5.1. examples

5.1.1. picture

5.1.2. Pharma-sponsored OLEX trials in AD

5.1.3. Publicly sponsored RCTs AD2000 study picture picture criticism on study

5.2. Rationale for naturalistic longitudinal studies

5.2.1. missed slide

5.3. Drug efficacy vs effectiveness clinical studies

5.3.1. missed slide

5.4. Compare real-life clinical trajectory of cognition and function between three treatment groups of AD patients

5.4.1. Atri et al, Alzheimer Dis Associ Disord 2008; 22: 209-221

5.4.2. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18580597

5.4.3. picture

5.4.4. Scales picture Assessment Methods - function atri et al. Alzheimer Dis. Assoc. Disord 2008; 22: 209-221 Johnson et al. Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord 2004; 18: 223-230 Weintraub Am J Alzheimer Care 1986; 1: 35-39

5.4.5. Baseline patient demographics

5.4.6. Results Combination of ChEI and memantine (Combo) provides sustained benefit - cognition (BDS) Predictive cognitive scores and effect sizes picture Combination of ChEI and Memantine (Combo, provides sustained benefit - function - Weintraub ADL) Predictive functional dependence and effect sizes

5.4.7. Discussion Strengths and limitations Strength Limitations

5.4.8. Conclusions

6. 4. Does getting onto and staying on therapies matter?

6.1. Study: Persistent treatment with cholinesterase inhibitors and/or memantine slows clinical progression of Alzheimer's Disease

6.1.1. Results Results Summary

6.2. Rountree et al Alzheimer's research and Therapy 2009

6.2.1. Link to paper:

6.3. Why diagnose and treat as early as possible - principles of medical ethics

6.4. Does memantine treatment provide long-term benefits delaying time to institutionalisation?

6.4.1. Study: Memantine augments the effects of cholinesterase inhibition in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Study results

6.5. When to stop treatment

6.5.1. picture

7. 5. communication problems have an impact on everyday life of patients and caregivers

7.1. Concluding remarks

8. 6. Acknowledgements

8.1. picture