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Long-term effects of Alzheimer's disease treatment by Mind Map: Long-term effects of Alzheimer's disease treatment
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Long-term effects of Alzheimer's disease treatment


EFNS Conference overview

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A. Atri

1. Overview

Cost of AD to society & families

bird's eye view of impact of AD

Clinical efficacy

etc. see pic

2. Clinical Efficacy


Global overview of the 4 key domains - significant differences favouring memantine

Memantine reduces caregiver burden

Expectations for treatments

3. Clinical Effctiveness & Need for long term studies


Rationale for naturalistic longitudinal studies

Drug efficacy vs effectiveness clinical studies

Compare real-life clinical trajectory of cognition and function between three treatment groups of AD patients

4. Does getting onto and staying on therapies matter?

Study: Persistent treatment with cholinesterase inhibitors and/or memantine slows clinical progression of Alzheimer's Disease

Rountree et al Alzheimer's research and Therapy 2009

Why diagnose and treat as early as possible - principles of medical ethics

Does memantine treatment provide long-term benefits delaying time to institutionalisation?

When to stop treatment

5. communication problems have an impact on everyday life of patients and caregivers

Concluding remarks

6. Acknowledgements