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KWHL Chart for Education Technology

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Education Technology by Mind Map: Education Technology

1. What do I KNOW?

1.1. I know its constantly changing and updating.

1.2. I know it can enhance student engagement by giving different ways to actively interact with the subject material.

1.3. I know how to create interactive pages on SMART Boards

1.4. I know most students enjoy using it in the classroom, and its important for developing 21st century skills.

1.5. I know how to use online games and videos on websites like Brain Pop in my instruction.

1.6. I know how to create cooperative learning games using PowerPoint.

1.7. I know how to differentiate math practice for students based on skill and understanding using programs like Reflex Math.

1.8. I know how to enter data from pre and post assessments and compare it using EXCEL.

1.9. I know how to use the website and app called the Scholastic Book Wizard to easily level the books in my library and share with parents so that they can monitor reading levels at home.

1.10. I know how to upload and edit lesson plans through Oncourse

2. What do I WANT to know?

2.1. What are different and innovative ways of integrating technology into instruction?

2.2. How can I use education technology to create more student accountability in learning?

2.3. What are the most effective online tools and apps for creating assessments?

2.4. What online tools can I use to review data in planning with less paper work?

2.5. What are some apps and tools I could use to motivate struggling readers?

2.6. How can I use apps, websites or software programs to keep paperwork and records more organized?

2.7. How can I create and maintain an effective class website?

2.8. What are the most popular trends in education technology right now?

2.9. *How could I use a classroom blog to facilitate discussions in reading groups with lower elementary?

3. HOW am I going to find out?

3.1. Reading additional course materials

3.2. Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works 2nd Edition

3.3. Online articles

3.4. Online Class discussions with classmates through the Class Wiki page

3.5. Working together on group assignments

3.6. Feedback from the professor

3.7. Trying out and interacting with different sources of education technology

3.8. Talking with a school technology expert

3.9. Completing all assigned coursework

3.10. Researching education technology on my own and sharing with the class

3.11. CMU's Library Database

4. What did I LEARN?