Mapping the Community: Resources for Partnerships

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Mapping the Community: Resources for Partnerships by Mind Map: Mapping the Community: Resources for Partnerships

1. My School Context: George McDougall High School (GMHS)

1.1. High school

1.1.1. Oldest in Airdrie

1.1.2. Second largest of 3 public schools

1.2. Grades 9-12

1.3. Dual track

1.3.1. French Immersion

1.3.2. English

1.4. New Administration

1.4.1. Principal - First year

1.4.2. Assistant principal 1 - third year

1.4.3. Assistant principal 2 - first year

1.5. Second year of High School Redesign

1.5.1. focusing on 3 out 9 foundational principles assessment flexibility personalization

1.6. Technology initiative

1.6.1. one-to-one school

1.7. Distributive leadership model

1.7.1. Learning Leads Advisory Literacy Assessment Flexibility and Personalization

1.7.2. Department Heads Core subjects Humanities Science Math PE CTS courses Fine Arts Modern Languages

1.7.3. Admin team Principal 2 Assisstant Principals

1.8. Learning Support is a Push-in model

1.9. Focused Learning Time for students

1.9.1. 40 minutes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to access specific teacher or course help

1.10. Advisory Program

1.10.1. Every Monday

1.10.2. Teacher Advocate for every student

2. Inventory of the available resources

2.1. Parenting resources

2.1.1. University/College Open Houses

2.1.2. Career Fair

2.2. Communication resources

2.2.1. Newsletter Every two months

2.2.2. Synervoice messages (email and phone message) attendance other timely information

2.2.3. Parent Teacher Conferences

2.2.4. School Website

2.2.5. School online calendar of events

2.2.6. Teacher/parent email

2.2.7. Grade 8 orientation

2.3. Volunteering resources

2.3.1. Field Trips

2.3.2. International Trips and Exhanges

2.3.3. Community Coaches

2.3.4. Fundrasing Initiatives Ride of the Mustangs (48 hour stationary bike-a-thon for the Alberta Childrens Hospital) Raised $536,990 in last 5 years Christmas Band and Choir Concert/Silent Auction

2.3.5. Musical Theater productions

2.4. Learning at Home resources

2.4.1. PowerSchool Online grade program

2.4.2. Moodle Online classroom site

2.4.3. Google Apps

2.4.4. WeConnect classes online courses

2.4.5. Rockyview Learning Services online courses (differnt courses are offered)

2.5. Decision Making resources

2.5.1. School Coucil Committee

2.5.2. Tell Them from Me Survey

2.5.3. APORI Survey

2.5.4. RVS Satisfaction Survey

2.6. Collaborating with the Community

2.6.1. Literacy buddies (Elementary and Middle school students at the Tri-school site

2.6.2. Building Futures Grade 10 students build two houses with community partner McKee Homes while learning curriculum

2.6.3. Global Encounters Students travel to Australia and New Zealand to learn Outdoor Education, Creative Writing, and Physical Education curriculums

2.6.4. Fundraisers Require the support of the community to be successful

2.6.5. Recognition Nights Academic Awards Nights Night of the Mustangs (Athletics)

2.6.6. Community Engagement Project - Advisory Each class is challenged to do something for someone or a group of other people Community clean-ups

2.6.7. Classroom Learning opportunities Inviting a veteran or active military member into your classroom (Social Studies) Producing bi-lingual signs for the City of Airdrie (French Immersion)

2.6.8. External services police liaison child services Boys and Girls Club after school programs mentoring tutoring summer programs Community Links Program School Division Resources psychologist Occupational therapist Subject coordinators Genesis Place (Recreation Center) use of facilities after school programs summer programs Sports Associations

3. Assessment of resources

3.1. Parenting resources

3.1.1. At the high school level, focus is on completing and achieving diploma Study skills Understanding course streaming Test taking skills (multiple choice) Test Anxiety Mental challenges Anxiety workshop Managing stress

3.1.2. Post-secondary institution information is provided by the institutions themselves and is not student specific Scholarship information Student finacial aid

3.2. Communication resources

3.2.1. Communication resources seem to be comprehensive and informative.

3.3. Volunteer resources

3.3.1. Volunteer opportunities seem to limited to outside the classroom.

3.3.2. High schools need to work harder to find opportunities for parents to engage with teachers and students during the school day. Parent come to school day The opposite of bring your child to work Would allow parents a better understanding of what their child and the school and its teachers do every day. Authentic learning experiences that could be facilitated by a parent or school community member Option classes that are specific to student body interests that could be facilitated by parent or community members agricultural class cosmotology class Lunch clubs

3.4. Learning at home resources

3.4.1. GMHS has several ways to access information outside of the regular school day and in an online setting.

3.5. Decision making resources

3.5.1. Decision making opportunities are concentrated on feedback from survey information.

3.5.2. Survey information is limited to the number of responses given and diversity of responses is not guaranteed. Action Team for Partnerships would be effective way to make change. School Improvement Team would be a good addition to the School Council that exists already. Student Advisory Committee would offer a student voice to decision making process. High School students should be responsible and play an active role in the planning process.

3.6. Collaborating with the Community

3.6.1. GMHS seems to have instigated several community collaboration opportunities. Sharing community resources among high schools in Airdrie would be beneficial for all students (public, francophone, and catholic)

3.6.2. There are definitely classroom specific collaborations that have advantages for student learning and academic achievement. Could be better managed through a database so all teachers have access to resources (espacially new teachers) Regularly surveying parents and neighbours about skills and knowledge they would be willing to share with students.

3.6.3. Many external services are available however there are other visible and less visible services that could be accessed. Religious institutions Old folks homes

3.6.4. Can be limited because of economic reasons Sports associations could be funded by a company that couldn't collaborate directly with the school.

3.6.5. Can be limited because of geographic reasons Genesis place Located on the other side of town from GMHS. Students who don't drive would have a 30 minute walk. Boys and Girls Club Located on the other side of town from GMHS. Students who don't drive would have a 30 minute walk.

4. A consideration of the ressources

4.1. Resources that reinforce the role of the school in the community

4.1.1. Volunteering resources Allows parents and community into the school environment in a positive manner Improves student learning and success Improves students authentic experiences Increase school safety Act as mentors or tutors

4.1.2. Decision Making resources GMHS' school council has been established for many years, however it is poorly attended. Including the school council in an active decision making role could provide parents with a feeling of importance that would promote a larger participation rate. Students have taken an active role in decision making processes at GMHS. The Ride of the Mustang, the major fundraiser the high school supports allows for students to take on active roles in all aspects of the organization.

4.1.3. Community collaboration Effective partnerships will stregthen school programs, family practices, and student learning and development. Clearly communicating communicating community programs that available is essential. Communicating what activities are happening at the school.

4.2. Resources that alter the role of the school in the community

4.2.1. Parenting resources "Intended to support learning at every grade level." Parents better understand high school opportunities and challenges Teachers understand each family situation better and therefore can support each student more effectively.

4.2.2. Communication ressources The internet and online programs offer students and parents a lot of information. Can be one-directional where the onus lies on the student or parent to use the resources. Communication is timely as it can always be accessed. All school communication is not clear, especially for English Language Learners. Face to face communication can limit misunderstandings and lead to clear communication. Students should advocate for their success in order to ensure that they are receiving the instruction they require to be successful. GMHS' advisory program ensures that there is an adult in the building, that understands the high school system, that will advocate for the student.

4.2.3. Learning at home resources With the development of online courses and an online presence for every course, parents can readily access teacher expectations. The norm at GMHS is that most students are involved with extracurricular activities, have an after school job or some other commitment besides their academic requirements. Course selection requires a parent signature before the student can register for the following year. GMHS would benefit from a goal setting plan with its students and parents.

5. Relationships between different resources

5.1. All resources rely on each other.

5.1.1. Make school a welcoming place. J. Epstein. p. 57

5.1.2. Helps students succeed at high levels.

5.2. Communication is clearly the essential link between the resource being successful or not.

5.3. The school can function without all resources, however is more effective and efficient when all resources are utilisized in some way.

5.3.1. Supported by McKnight and Block's idea of association: "They voluntarily joined [...] to create what was better done together."

5.3.2. Schools are viewed as institutions with the greatest influence on the development of children. Academic success Social skills

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