Lord of the Flies

This is a template of the reading comprehension map for Ms. Moix's English class.

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Lord of the Flies by Mind Map: Lord of the Flies

1. Author

1.1. William Golding

1.2. Born: September 19, 1911 Died: June 19, 1993

1.3. British

1.4. Lord of the Flies was his first book published. He was rejected 21 times before getting to publish Lord of the Flies. William was also an actor and musician. He left teaching literature in 1940 to join the Royal Navy. He was placed in command of a rocket- launching craft.

2. General Info

2.1. September 17, 1954

2.2. Novel

2.3. English

2.4. During a War and on a deserted island

3. Plot

3.1. A group of people got stranded because they had a plane crash.

3.2. One group of kids thought that they were the leader group and thought that they were the ones in charge.

3.3. Jack mislead Ralph's know;edge and that lead to a major complication and a downfall in the boys society.

3.4. Piggy gets killed due to someone pushing a boulder off the mountain trying to hit Jack but it ended up hitting Piggy and Piggy ends up falling off the mountain because of the boulder hitting him.

3.5. Jack and some others turn on Ralph and begin to try and find him.

3.6. A ship saw the fire on the mountain and came over to see what it was and wound up finding all of the boys.

4. Themes, Allusions & Symbols

4.1. Things happen for a reason? (i don't know if that could be one but just encase it isn't I'll do another one.) Conflicts between a human towards savagery and rules of civilization.

4.2. The shell, Piggy's glasses, and the fire

4.3. A group of boys got stranded during the war.

5. Characters

5.1. Ralph- Ralph represents leadership and is a civilized young man.

5.2. Piggy- Piggy has very poor eyesight which later becomes a big part in the book because someone takes his glasses. Piggy also acts as Ralph's adviser.

5.3. Jack- Jack has violence and evil in him. He begins the conflict when he tries to take control of the group rather than working with Ralph.

6. Vocabulary

6.1. Section 1

6.1.1. conspiratorial: "He flashed a conspiratorial grin at the other two." My definition: Having being involved in knowing or telling a secret.

6.1.2. uncommunicative: "He passed his tongue across dry lips and scanned the uncommunicative forest." My definition: A person not wanting to talk to someone or not wanting to give someone information.

6.2. Section 2

6.2.1. accustomed- "Piggy discounted all this learnedly as a "mirage"; and since no boy could reach even the reef over the stretch of water where the snapping sharks waited, they grew accustomed to these mysteries and ignored them, just as they ignored the miraculous, throbbing stars." my definition- customary or unusual

6.2.2. Involuntarily- "Ralph turned and smiled involuntarily." my definition- Smiling without conscious control or will.

6.3. Section 3

6.3.1. Brandishing- "Jack had him by the hair and was brandishing his knife. Behind him was Roger, fighting to get close." My definition- a wave or flourish, as a threat or as in anger.

6.3.2. loathing- "He bound himself together with his will, fused his fear and loathing into a hatred, and stood up." my definition- a intense dislike or disgust.

6.4. Section 4

6.4.1. Jolted- "He was torn and jolted, found fingers in his mouth and bit them." my definition- to push or shake abruptly and roughly.

6.4.2. Impenetrable- "At last Ralph wormed out of the ferns and sneaked forward to the edge of that impenetrable thicket that fronted the neck of land." my definition- impossible to pass through or enter.

7. Summary

7.1. Section 1: chapter 1-3 is all about how the kids get stuck on the island and don't know what to do. They try and find an adult but they don't think the pilot made it though the crash. Piggy found a shell and if it wasn't for the shell then they wouldn't have been able to call the rest of the kids. Then there comes a group of kids that think that they are the best. One of the kids father is going to save them or at least that is what one of the kids said so they go to the top of the island and built a fire so that they would be able to find them. Piggy says he saw a beastie thing and everyone thinks that he was just dreaming.

7.2. Section 2: chapters 4-6: They had forgotten hope because they had given up on ever getting rescued. The littlun hid away and cried a lot of sang a lot. Most of the days the littluns looked for food and played very little. Henry was a little bit of a leader one after noon due to the fact that he was the oldest one in a group of three. Many of the people did many things during the days and became very aware of what was happening. Many people are messing with Rodger one day but then it stopped. Jack started painting his face with charcoal. All of the kids were getting ready for anything that would soon happen. Ralph saw smoke in the distance. Someone saw a ship and then got excited. Later on in Chapter 5 one of the younger boys says that he say a monster during the night. Jack tells everyone that if there is a monster that he and others will kill it so that there will be no harm. Since all of this is going on during the war, during night they can the military planes fight in the sky. Jack and Ralph end up in a cave looking for the monster and they gain some of their bond back.

7.3. Section 3: chapter 7-9: Ralph started examining himself and started noticing that he needed to do many things such as take a bath, cut his hair, clip his nails. Ralph threw a stick at a bore and it hit the snout of it and started running. Everyone thought that Ralph was lying that he hit the bore and he tried to convince them that he did hit it. They found a new spot on the island that they must have had missed before. During the night Jack, Ralph, and Rodger went up the mountain to look for the monster. Everyone voted to make Ralph to be in charge instead of Jack being in charge. They decided to move the fire to the sand where their housing is instead of on top of the mountain. Jack and two other boys left and weren't going to play anymore because they got mad that Ralph was now in charge. They are coming up with a plan about killing a pig and eating it but no tall of it. The part that they don't eat they would give to the beast so that maybe it will leave them alone. After chasing after one pig for a while they finally caught up with it and were able to kill it. They are getting to have their first feast since they killed a pig that day. Simon has been talking to the lord of the flies and is being told that he shouldn't leave the island. Ralph thinks that the clouds in the sky are rain clouds and that it is about to rain. They found the beast and started chasing it. But the beast got away. Simon was killed and died.

7.4. Section 4: chapters 10-12: Ralph told Piggy to call an assembly with the conch and Piggy started asking what was the need for the assembly. Piggy didn't really know what had happened so Ralph had to explain some things to him so that he would get it. The chief has announced that they will be going hunting tomorrow and that he will leave some people behind so that others can't get in through the gate. One night they had to find things to keep the fire going so that they wouldn't have to go another night without the fire. They decided that they would start the fire every morning instead of have it going all the time wasting wood because you can't see smoke at night. Someone fell over Ralph and he didn't know what it was so all that he did was punch them in the face as hard as he could. It ended up being Jack and his hunters and the person that was fighting with Ralph was one of Jacks hunters. They took Piggy's glasses during the fight instead of taking the conch. They also stole their fire from them, but all that they had to do was ask for it and they would have given it to Jack and his hunters. Ralph and Piggy and two others went out to find Jack and his hunters to get Piggy's glasses back so that he can see. Jack came up and stabbed Ralph in the chest because he called Jack a thief. Ralph is trying to get Jack and his group to give them back Piggy's glasses and the fire that they stole. Jack and his group pushed a rock down the mountain and it hit Piggy and he ended up falling of the mountain and hitting a pointed rock and it gushed his head open. During all of that the conch was shattered into thousands of pieces. Since Ralph was the only one left in his group he couldn't take a bath or else he would risk being captured. Jack and the savages had killed a pig and were cooking it and Ralph was really hungry and wanted some of it but he was afraid about what they would do. Later on when Ralph is sleeping Jack comes out and is right in front of the thicket where Ralph is hiding. A military ship passing by one day sees the fire on the island and comes over to see what is going on. That is when all of the boys get rescued.