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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. Themes

1.1. Sci-fi

1.1.1. I was thinking that a sci-fi theme would appeal to a wider age group and would work best for my project.

1.2. Horror

1.2.1. A horror theme l think would appeal to an older age group but wouldn't be sutible for a younger age group.

1.3. Fantasy

1.3.1. A fantasy theme could work well with a younger and middle aged audience. But might not appeal to an adult audience.

1.4. War

1.4.1. Would definitly appeal to a an older audience but may not be sutible for the younger age group.

1.5. It is possible to combine two themes into one to appeal to both audiences. War and sci-fi

2. Target Audience

2.1. 16-20 Most people that would see the desktop image are full-time students between 16 to 20 years old. It is important to appeal to this group the most whilst still including the other age groups.

2.2. School children sometimes come through the college so it is important that the desktop appeals to them as well.

2.3. During the evening there are adult courses so the image can't be too focused on the younger age group.

2.4. I think the easiest way to include all of these age groups is to try and appeal to the middle aged group. Because the most of the audience is within that age group.

3. What to include

3.1. Desktop icons

3.1.1. No desktop image would be complete without the desktop icons to get to the users programs. These must be included in our designs.

3.2. Logo

3.2.1. We need to include the media suite and shipley college logo in our desktop designs. So that the audience know where the image came from.

3.3. Backgroud image

3.3.1. This is one of the most important elements of a desktop image. Because it is one of the main things that the audience look at.

3.4. Points from student charter

3.4.1. Attend classes regularly

3.4.2. Apply yourself seriously to your studies

3.4.3. Respect college property

3.4.4. Student card

3.4.5. Respect other students New node New node

3.4.6. Any forms of misconduct are considered a faliure to college regulations.

4. Art

4.1. The theme does not have to be based on a genre. It can just be an artisic image that you thought of yourself. That cominicates the creative thinking required in the game/medis course.