Jessica Holst

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Jessica Holst by Mind Map: Jessica Holst

1. Researching

1.1. Emerging topics

1.2. Media dealing with IR

1.3. Interesting case law for students

2. Teaching

2.1. Being prepared

2.2. Reviewing lecture content

2.3. Going through tutorial questions

2.4. Encouraging participation

2.5. Allowing sufficient time for questions

2.6. Encourage interest of topic through enthusiasm and relevance of topic

3. Administration

3.1. Marking Essays and Exams

3.2. Keeping attendance

3.3. Attendance at Professional development Sessions

3.4. Blackboard

3.5. Turn it in

4. Community Engagement

4.1. Relationship to lecturer

4.2. Relationship with other tutors

4.3. Getting involved at the university

4.4. Centre for learning and development