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Meno by Mind Map: Meno

1. M: 3 ways to acquire virtue: education, naturally, practice

2. S: needs all 3 to become virtuous

3. Anamnesis: souls must recollect the Truth

4. S: have to get rid of ignorance to have a shot of virtue. (eliminate ignorance to gain true wisdom)

5. M:virtue is the desire of things honorable and the power of attaining them

6. S: gave defintion; colour is and effluence of form

7. S: it is "a viture" not "viture"

8. S: what do children and slaves govern? ruling justice and not justice

9. M: virtue is the power of governing mankind

10. S: wants one definition of virtue

11. M: Defintionof virtue: for every person there is a diffrent viture (man is the measure of all things

12. S: no idea what virtue is