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Pinterest by Mind Map: Pinterest

1. Why?

1.1. Enhances Teaching Process

1.1.1. No matter what the lesson, students will have a great time using this tool. They may have to search around for legitimate sites, but this is a learning experience as well. Andrea Santella

1.2. Easy to use

1.2.1. There is an app

1.2.2. There is a pin button on web browser

1.3. Fun

1.4. Collaboration

1.4.1. Convenient

1.4.2. It's great that you mention this. Pinterest is so easy to use and definitely allows for collaboration as you can set different individuals who are allowed to contribute and pin to boards on your personal pinterest. Also, because it has an app and can be easily accessed at any time the students can collaborate without even being with one another. They can both be pinning things onto their shared board together while at home etc. so pinterest allows for collaboration within the classroom and also outside of the classroom and virtually over the internet. -Carissa McGuigan

1.5. When you find something you want to remember, you can virtually save it!

1.5.1. Helping the world because saving virtually I cannot believe the amount of paper that moves through a single classroom... and most of it, eventually, just gets thrown in the trash. Andrea Santella Yes, I am pretty neurotic about trying not to waste, and the other teachers look at me "funny" like I am the weird one, like I am just suppose to accept the fact that I waste enormous amounts of paper! M. Krotz

1.6. Teachers can find lesson plans, images, ideas, samples, and many other tools!

1.6.1. Connect with other teachers, educators, and professionals

1.7. When I first started using it, it was for personal reasons, but recently every time I search for something on the web, I find many pinterest links

1.7.1. Learn and share with other educators

1.7.2. I can get lost on Pinterest for hours. There is so much to look at and so many great ideas. I just recently realized how useful it is for classroom suggestions! Andrea Santella My wife occasionally uses Pinterest for craft ideas. She does know some teachers that she says are obsessed with Pinterest. I haven't messed around it, yet, but I probably should because I need some more creative ideas for the classroom. I have been directed to Pinterest while searching for other things, but have been unable to get further than that because I didn't want to sign up for yet another account somewhere. I guess I should get around to it sooner rather than later. That's why I keep a throw-away email address. -J.Lopez I understand about not wanting to sign up for one more thing, but I think you will be happy about this one! Or, ask your wife if you can share her account, LOL! M. Krotz I totally agree, Thanks for commenting! M. Krotz

2. How?

2.1. Enhances Learning

2.1.1. How does it enhance learning? -Dr. Fritz I feel it enhances learning because it stimulates creativity. I think integration and "thinking outside of the box" keeps learning and students interested and motivated. If the students are interested or find passion in something a teacher does, it may last a lifetime! M. Krotz

2.2. There is a pin button that can be downloaded for your web browser

2.3. There is an app for pinterest

2.4. Teachers and students can share pins with each other

3. Where?


3.2. It is an online website or app

3.3. Smart phone, tablet, laptop, and computer

4. Examples




5. What?

5.1. A social media site that saves thing one finds by calling them "PINS"!

5.1.1. This is a great way to find resources and tools from other teachers in order to effectively plan for engaging and exciting lesson plans! -J. Wisniewski Thank You! I have found so much just recently so I appreciate the comment! M. Krotz

5.2. It is like a virtual filing cabinet of things one wants to save!

5.3. Sustainability because one does not have to print what they want to save and file it!

5.3.1. I absolutely love pinterest. You have to be careful with some pins though, They lead to spam sites or are just a picture, not actual information. It's can be a great lesson for students on reliable sources though! - Phyllis Cammiso Excellent point! I should include on here to click on it and make sure it leads to actual information before one "pins" it! Thank You! M. Krotz This is a great point. I have had this happen many times on Pinterest. It would be a good lesson on how to use judgment for the characteristics of what makes a source reliable. This would fall under #3 of the ISTE standards for students - Research and information fluency. W.Kerr

5.3.2. Megan, I love your point that Pinterest is sustainable! It really is a cabinet of art and crafts that you can use from anything for a classroom to a home. It's a great way of getting ideas or to create lessons. M. Paul Thanks Mindy!

6. by Megan A. Krotz