Mr. Perfection

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Mr. Perfection by Mind Map: Mr. Perfection

1. Who is Mr. Perfection?

1.1. Introduce Hunter Nielsen, basic profile info, why he is Mr. Perfection

1.1.1. Logo: I will create a Mr. Perfection logo and introduce it here

2. Why do we care?

2.1. Why create a website about your little brother? How is this site supposed to benefit mankind (or womankind :) ?)

2.1.1. Graphic Design and QR code: I will create a poster promoting Hunter's future success and impact on the world

3. His dreams

3.1. What are Hunter's goals? Why are those his goals, and how does he plan to achieve them?

3.1.1. App Prototype: Honestly, i'm gonna hafta think more about how i'm gonna incorporate this one.

4. His talents and interests

4.1. What are some of Hunter's gifts? What are his hobbies? Basic info girls need to know

4.1.1. Video & Animations: I will include a video of Hunter demonstrating some of his favorite things. If I am lucky, I might get a video of him pole vaulting or swimming

5. How can I contact him?

5.1. Book signings info, where to send fan mail, how to get a date

5.1.1. Social Media: a link to the facebook page for Mr. Perfection will be included

6. His physique

6.1. Let's be honest, ladies need to know what he looks like and how much muscle he has.

6.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: I will include lots of edited pictures that show Hunter's physique

6.1.2. Infographics: to provide some quick, easy-to-read facts about Hunter's good looks

7. His Fears

7.1. What are some of the deeper sides of Hunter? What are his fears? (Revealing his sentimental side)

7.1.1. Google Form: readers can submit a letter to Hunter to get his help with some of their fears, help to become more like him

8. Tagline: Helping woman have hope in a man of their dreams