Monster Trucks

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Monster Trucks by Mind Map: Monster Trucks

1. Truck Names

1.1. This page will have a list of all the monster truck names

1.1.1. Google Form: People can vote on their favorite monster truck name

2. Home

2.1. This will be the home page to my website

2.1.1. Logo: Use a logo on each page

2.1.2. Screencast: Use a screencast to show others how to use the website

3. About

3.1. This page will have information about monster trucks

3.1.1. Infographic: Use infographics to show size and power of monster trucks

4. Contact

4.1. This page will have information to contact monster truck ???

4.1.1. App Prototype: Have a link to an app for users to design their own monster truck

4.1.2. Social Media: There will be links to social media pages about monster trucks

5. Drivers

5.1. This page will have information and pictures of monster truck drivers

5.1.1. Photo Editing: Use photo editing to enhance the pictures of the drivers

6. Videos

6.1. This page will have videos of monster trucks and their stunts

6.1.1. QR Codes: Use QR codes for links to videos

6.1.2. Video: Have a video playing

7. Tagline: Let's get ready to rumble!