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Structures by Mind Map: Structures

1. Structure

1.1. Shell

1.1.1. A shell structure is a hollow structure

1.2. Solid

1.2.1. A solid structure is a structure made with a solid piece of material

1.3. Frame

1.3.1. A frame structure is a structure made of multiple parts

1.4. Combination

1.4.1. A combination structure is a structure with more than one type of structure combined, such as frame and shell

1.5. A structure is any object

1.6. A ball and a USB cable are structures

2. Types of Loads

2.1. Static load

2.1.1. Static load is a load that does not change

2.1.2. The static load of a ten gram weight is ten grams

2.1.3. The static load of a five kilogram weight is five kilograms

2.2. Live Load

2.2.1. A live load is a load that is able to move

2.2.2. That truck would be a live load on a bridge as it can move across the bridge and remove its load from the bridge

2.2.3. A live load on a chair would the person sitting on it as the person can move onto the chair and off the chair by itself

3. Form

3.1. Definition: basic shape of the structure

3.2. A plane is mainly cylindrical

3.3. A bridge is a beam-like structure

4. Function

4.1. Function is what a structure is designed to do

4.2. Bridges are designed to allow vehicles or people to cross bodies of water or ravines

4.3. A function of a chair is to be able to hold the weight of an object

5. Forces

5.1. Internal

5.1.1. Compression Definition: An internal force that presses and object to a point. Squeezing a sponge is an example of compression because you're putting pressure on the sponge Sitting on a chair is another example because you're putting pressure on the chair

5.1.2. Shear Shear is a ripping or rubbing force on a structure Shear is being applied when you rip a piece of paper apart Shear can also be applied when a fruit falls from a tree

5.1.3. Torsion Torsion is the twisting of a structure Torsion is being applied on a rope when you twist it Torsion is also being applied when you twist a rag to squeeze the water from it.

5.1.4. Tension Tension is a structure getting pulled apart Tension is put on an elastic band as you stretch it. Tension is put on a suspension bridge when there is a load on it

5.1.5. Internal forces are forces caused by a structure exerting pressure on itself

5.2. External

5.2.1. External forces are forces caused from sources other than the structure itself

5.2.2. Gravity Gravity is the pull of objects with large masses The mass of the earth, sun and moon cause gravity

5.3. Describing

5.3.1. Plane of Appication Plane of application is the angle at which a force is exerted

5.3.2. Point of Application Point of application is where a force is exerted

5.3.3. Magnitude Magnitude is how much power is exerted on an object Soft is a magnitude as it is a very little amount of force being exerted Hard is a magnitude as it is a lot of force being exerted

6. Centre of Gravity

6.1. Centre of gravity is the point of a structure where the most mass is located

6.2. The centre of gravity of that triangle is where that dot is.

6.3. The centre of gravity of this bird is at its beak because most of its weight is located at the beak

7. Stability

7.1. Stability is the ability for a structure to preserve its location when a force is being exerted on it

7.2. The CN Tower is stable because it has a wide base and it has a foundation that goes deep into the ground

7.3. Another stable structure is a house because it has a wide foundation compared to its height. It also easily withstands the objects that are put inside it