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Structures by Mind Map: Structures

1. Form

1.1. The design and basic shape of a structure. It's also designed in a way to fit the function.

1.1.1. Structure Anything that has a minimum of one function and helps supply support Solid Frame Shell Combination

1.2. A spiderweb is designed to with thin threads of sticky web to capture the prey. It is a frame structure.

1.3. The delicate, ice crystals are splintered in many directions. It has jagged edges made by snow, ice, water and shaped by wind (a.k.a. external force)

2. Function

2.1. The reason why something is built, how it's used to work and it's purpose.

2.1.1. The function decides how the structure would look or form Skates were designed so, one can glide easily across the surface of the ice. This baby stroller was built to safely hold a baby so, the parent or guardian doesn't have to carry them around. Therefore, the form of the stroller had to have wheels to move.

3. Force

3.1. A force is anything that changes the direction, form, or speed by pushing or pulling

3.1.1. Internal Forces Forces on a structure caused by the design and material that the structure itself is made of. Compression Shear Torsion Tension

3.1.2. External Forces Any force that goes the opposite way of gravity is external As the word 'external' indicates forces acting outside of a structure. Gravity Applied and Non-Contact Are determined by/Application of external forces...

4. Loads

4.1. An object with mass on a structure that's not part of or attached to it. They also cause the forces that act on the structure

4.1.1. Dynamic Load While being applied to the structure, it can move or transform A tornado (dynamic load) is blowing, pushing, and pulling the house. Hail (dynamic load) compressed the car and made a dent.

4.1.2. Static Load Is a load caused from gravity Dead Load Live Load

5. Center of Gravity

5.1. The imaginary point of a structure with the most mass, the rest of the structure's mass is balanced equally throughout the object/structure. It could be inside the object, if not, it could be in space and that would mean it is outside of the structure.

5.2. Ways to make a Structure Stable

5.2.1. Stability Having a stable structure means that the structure can withstand any type of force (external, applied or internal) (The Effiel Tower can hold against lightning) Having stability means that the structure can withstand external forces Lowering the center of gravity makes a structure more stable because it's closer to the ground. Having a wider base supports the weight of a structure, holding it up to make it more stable. Symmetry

6. Anything that has a minimum of one function and helps supply support