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What I Learned.... by Mind Map: What I Learned....
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What I Learned....

In reading this essay it has taught me that when people are stereotyped that is concidered a type of gossip.  It also made me think about why people don't take the time to "get to know people." Being lazy will get you no where and allow you too miss out on a lot of things!    =D

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

No matter what the race, gender, or sex people may be; we are all still one.  We make this world and we can break it!  Don't be so quick to jugde people, take time to get to know them before you jugde them because you might actually like that person.

Who Is The Lazy One?

The most common explanation for why people don't really know the real person and judge others based on thier characteristics, is simiply because thier LAZY. Not wanting to know the real peson is an action that people commonly choose to do.  Instead of taking the time to actually get a chance to know the person, people just judge them becasue it is easier and faster.  That makes no scents!

Stereotype... Gossip?

Weather you realize it or not, stereotying is considered a type of GOSSIP. When people prejugde others based on thier characteristics, it's not an accurate assumptions.  So therefore when the word is spreaded to others, it turns into gossip because talk about another is transfered from one person to another.


Acorrding to the essay, most people think that they can get an accurate guess about people by thier...   Name Race Appearance Body Features Voice   Using these assumptions is noramlly how people get an opinion on what people may look like, act like, and what thier personality is like.