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IV=C/T® by Mind Map: IV=C/T®

1. The ultimate formula of communication!

1.1. Click and drag to move the map

1.2. Read clockwise starting from noon

1.3. Click on "+" to expand topics

1.4. Click on "-" to collapse topics

1.5. Click on the small icon to become a MindMeister!

2. ...with less "T"ime required...

2.1. Time is a luxury...

2.2. ...that we don't have!

3. Better "C"omprehension...

3.1. Things get easily complicated but...

3.2. is very complicated to get things easy!

4. ...leads to higher "I"nformation "V"alue

4.1. Too much information is not...

4.2. ...too much value.

4.3. Otherwise we'd all be rich!