Are we Addicted to Technology?

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Are we Addicted to Technology? by Mind Map: Are we Addicted to Technology?

1. In conclusion to the discussion, after observing the definition of cyborg I believe that I am already a Cyborg, without technology my day is not completed. Technology is very modern that, it is a new addiction which in one way has improved my study skills, my communication skills, and most importantly, my computer skills. Am I addicted to technology? Yes, I am a technology addict, and I am proud of it.

2. References: Kline, C. &. (1960). Cyborg. O'Reilly, T. (2005, 09 30). Orielly. (J. Battelle, Producer) Retrieved from Sheridan. (n.d.). (Cybernation) Retrieved from Slate:

3. Starting with Cyborg, what is it, and are we addicted to technology? “For the exogenously extended organizational complex functioning as an integrated homeostatic system unconsciously, we propose the term Cyborg.” Of course it is difficult to keep in mind the definition of Cyborg. During research there was an article that explained a simple level of definition of Cyborg. It is something that acts like a part of human and a part of machine (Kline, 1960). In this generation it comes to believe that we are already addicted to Technology which is a part of our life every day.

4. Web 2.0 is a term that gained popularity in a "conference brainstorming session between O'Reilly and MediaLive International" (O'Reilly, 2005). Social Media has impacted the society effectively, it has brought people to get together and interact with each other. Which has brought the social life of the individuals to be less active with their activities outdoor.

5. Addiction is something that constructs focus on to an object. For example, once you begin smoking cigarette, it becomes extremely difficult to discontinue as soon as it starts to become a part of your everyday lifestyle. It is exactly the same method towards technology, once it becomes a part of your day, you have to use it every day and make every part of your day exciting, easy, and quick. “Digital addiction is a very real thing. Whether it is addiction to your devices, Social Media or to the Internet, people are losing hours of their lives, consumed by the very technology they created”. (Sheridan, n.d.) Technology gives everything to the person, it is the new excitement in this generation which interacts individual’s mind towards it.

6. When speaking about self experience, it comes to believe that I am addicted to Technology, it is a part of me. I can not imagine a single day without technology because it is the main reason for me which makes life enjoyable, easier, and always faster. I believe that I am working very hard and studying, because in the future I want better appliances with a lot of technology, a perfect car, and an expensive phone. Therefore, it comes to my consideration that technology is where people spend their whole day.

7. When bringing up the personal experience, it also comes to the mind that technology has prevented many injuries from happening, many lives being saved. As well a lot of improvement with inventing objects which can always be a part of an individual’s life daily. As well it would be appropriate to use at any time, and an easier access to complete their tasks. For example, cellphones and laptops. These are the two main technology objects that have a huge impact in my life, for example as soon as I wakeup, I check my cellphone and then it is the best way to communicate to people which gives me a chance to always stay in touch. As well for the laptops, in order to complete my any assignment, or homework. Laptop is a best technology which would always help us to complete It with help from social websites and software to have correct grammar.