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Characters by Mind Map: Characters

1. Nick Caraways

1.1. inclined to reserve all judgments (p1)

1.2. wants the world to be in uniform (p2)

1.3. his family is like a clan (p3)

1.4. graduates from New Haven (p3)

1.5. participates in the Great War (p3)

1.6. learns the bond business (p3)

1.7. lives in a town alone, then moves to West Egg (p3-p4)

1.8. engaged to a girl, rumors (p19)

1.9. scared of Gatsby (p32)

2. Gatsby

2.1. represents everything Nick have a scorn (p2)

2.2. gorgeous (p2)

2.3. sensitive like intricate machines (p2)

2.4. responsive (p2)

2.5. romantic readiness (p2)

2.6. turns out all right (p2)

2.7. has a mansion in West Egg, rich (p5)

2.8. holds parties, gets money from his nephew or cousin (p32)

3. Nick`s great-uncle

3.1. the Dukes of Buccleuch (p3)

3.2. starts business (p3)

3.3. hard-boiled (p3)

4. Tom Buchanans

4.1. wealthy (p6)

4.2. a sturdy straw-haired man, thirty (p7)

4.3. hard mouth (p7)

4.4. supercilious manner (p7)

4.5. shinning arrogant eyes (p7)

4.6. aggressive (p7)

4.7. cruel body with muscle (p7)

4.8. voice is husky tensor, fractiousness (p7)

4.9. dominance (p7)

4.10. does not respect black people (p12)

4.11. has another woman (p15)

4.12. treats Mr.Wilson coldly (p25)

4.13. treats the dog as a bitch, happy to buy things for Mrs.Wilson (p28)

4.14. breaks Mrs.Wilson`s nose because of Daisy (p37)

5. Daisy

5.1. laugh is charming (p8)

5.2. see people in a special way (p9)

5.3. likes murmur (p9)

5.4. face sad and lovely, bright eyes and mouth (p9)

5.5. voice exciting (p9)

5.6. does not get along well with Tom (p12)

5.7. sophisticated (p17)

5.8. keep Tom and Mrs.Wilson apart, by Catherine said (p33)

6. Jordan Baker

6.1. lips flutter (p9)

6.2. slender,small breasted (p11)

6.3. gray sun-strained eyes (p11)

6.4. sporting life (p18)

6.5. from Louisville (p19)

7. Daisy and Tom`s daughter

7.1. three years old (p10)

7.2. maybe a beautiful fool in the future (p17)

8. Mr.Wilson

8.1. buys and sells cars (p25)

8.2. blond, spiritless, faintly handsome (p25)

8.3. light blue eyes (p25)

8.4. pale hair (p26)

8.5. dumb (p26)

9. Myrtle Wilson

9.1. stout, middle thirties (p25)

9.2. face no facet or gleam of beauty (p25)

9.3. treats her husband, Mr.Wilson as ghost (p26)

9.4. gets a dog (p27)

9.5. loves money (p31)

9.6. thinks Mr.Wilson was not fit to lick her shoe (p34)

9.7. crazy about Tom (p36)

10. Catherine

10.1. slender,worldly,thirty (p30)

10.2. red hair,milky white (p30)

10.3. eyebrow plucks (p30)

10.4. lives in a hotel with a girl (p30)

10.5. almost married with a kike, below her (p34)

11. Mr.Mckee

11.1. pale, feminine man (p30)

11.2. a white spot of lather on cheekbone (p30)

11.3. respectful (p30)