Brand yourself presentation

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Brand yourself presentation by Mind Map: Brand yourself presentation

1. Beginning

1.1. Childhood Influence

1.1.1. I come from a very musical family. My father was in a band, and I accompanied him to all of his rehearsals and gigs, long before kindergarten even. I was a roadie, or a protege.

1.1.2. All music I heard on the radio

1.1.3. Film Music Bernard Herrmann John Williams Danny Elfman Hans Zimmer Much, much more

1.2. Ive been playing piano and guitar since childhood. In my late teens through my 20's into my 30's I played in many rock and roll bands, doing both covers and originals. Mostly I played Keyboard and synth. Leading up to studying at Full Sail I was determined to chase down my dream of scoring movies. I left the band I was in, and honed my craft. I for the first time in my life, took piano lessons and learned how to read music. I dedicated 100% of my free time towards achieving my goal. I spent many sleepless nights composing and mixing. Developing my sound.

2. Middle

2.1. Music is a crucial component in motion picture. It becomes the story. Music Is not only an enhancer, but it is a character

2.2. Music in motion picture, whether it be a feature film, documentary, or commercial, is responsible for setting the emotion. It evokes joy, sadness, fear, excitement, angst, anger, and much more.

2.3. Timeless music stays with you forever. It is able to bring you back to a moment in time. In motion picture, this is a key element in a great production.

3. S.T.A.R. moment

3.1. In the end of the presentation when I reveal that I am a Full Sail University graduate with my credentials.

4. Who is the audience?

4.1. My potential employers and Clients

4.1.1. Film makers Corporations directors agencies

4.2. Film Companies

4.2.1. Blue Sky Studios Capitol Films Castle Rock Entertainment

4.3. Television Stations

4.3.1. CBS NBC FOX

4.4. Netflix

4.5. Internet shows

4.5.1. Youtube podcasts

4.6. What are they looking for?

4.6.1. Talent Personality Uniqueness

5. Flow Ideas

5.1. If permitted, I plan on giving my presentation over a low volume composition of mine, while displaying simple visual aids from Moovly. I plan on timing and pacing out my script from the beginning through the middle and end.

6. Message

6.1. I am a film music composer and producer, with a story to be told.

6.2. Music not only enhances motion picture, it tells a story. It is a character unto itself.

6.3. Music is what evokes emotions

6.3.1. wonder joy fear

6.4. The reason I am the one to deliver music to your projects is because of my unique style. Bridging the past, present, and future in my compositions. The blending of orchestral sections with analog synthesizers. No methods are excluded. And with a complex sound layering system in my productions, along with interesting melodies and rhythms, my music has a sound previously unheard.

6.4.1. Skills Learned At Full Sail University (Music Production BS) Classes Music Production Musicianship Music Arraignment Professional Writing Recording Principles Game Music Compositiation Music Production For Media And much, much more Programs Learned Pro Tools Logic X Auriellia and much more

6.5. Work Ethic

6.6. Personality

7. Tools

7.1. MindMeister

7.1.1. Ableton Live (for audio) Moovly (if permitted)

7.2. The Internet

7.2.1. Research

7.2.2. Tutorials

7.3. Index Cards for initial mind mapping

8. Obstacles

8.1. Saturated Market

8.1.1. Large drawing pool of composers/producers

9. Hardest part

9.1. Logistics

9.1.1. Bringing everything together

10. End

10.1. My music is a sound that has been yet unheard, a story yet untold. It bridges the past, present, and future with unique melodies, rhythm, themes, and sound layering system. It is executed and delivered with pure emotion.

10.2. S.T.A.R. Moment: Now I am a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor's degree in Music Production. I became refined in my composing skills with classes such as, Musicianship, Music Arrangement, Professional Writing, Game Music composition, Music Production, Music Production for Media, and much more. At Full Sail I became proficient at program software including, Pro Tools, Logic X, Aurellia, and much more.

10.3. In this age of homogenous film music that all sounds the same, I am the best choice for your film music composer/producer, with my innovative style and techniques. Delivering emotion and story, through a sound that will move and inspire.

11. William Thony

11.1. 0004707126

11.2. Creative Presentation

11.3. Professor: Darrell Moore

11.4. 2.4 Assignment: Brand Yourself Presentation (preparation)