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Gagne's 5 Categories (Domains) of Learning by Mind Map: Gagne's 5 Categories
(Domains) of
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Gagne's 5 Categories (Domains) of Learning

Verbs to Use: Adapt, Create Originate

2. Behavioral component (behaviors or acts that results from a person’s feeling)

An internal process by which the learners plans, controls, and monitors his/her won ways of thinking and learning, including Inventing or selecting a particular mental process to solve a problem or accomplish a task.

Defined Concept: Classify, Categorize, Sort, Organize

Identifying a granny smith apple from a rome apple is an example of intellectual skills - defined concept

Example: Demonstrate the procedure in changing the oil in a car

Rules may be of two types: relational rules (principles) and procedural rules(procedures).

Verbs to Use: Demonstrate

Concepts are: things that are grouped together based on common characteristics.

Example: Apples are grouped by their color, type, size, etc.

Defined concepts cannot be perceived directly through senses, and have meaning only from illustrations, indirect experiences, definitions, and other verbal descriptions.

New node

Concrete Concept - Classifying things by their physical features alone, using senses.

Verbs to Use:

Concrete Concept: Identify, Name, Specify, Label

Problem Solving

Problem Solving: Applying a complex procedure or rule (or multiple simple rules) to solve a problem or accomplish a task.

Example: Generate a lesson plan using the direct instruction approach.

Verbs to Use: Generate, Develop, Solve

Verbal Knowledge

Recalling information or previously learned knowledge. Facts,

Verbs to Use: List, State, Recall, Describe, Recite, Retell




Motor Skills: something you would do with your body using muscles.

Verbs to Use: Execute, Perform, Carry Out

Attitude: three components

1. Affective component (positive and negative feelings)

Verbs to Use: Choose

c. Cognitive component (persons knowledge about how to do something and rewards or consequences

Cognitive Strategies