Gagne's 5 Categories (Domains) of Learning

Please help me build a community mind map on gagne's 5 Categories of learning. Lets difine each category and then come up with new examples of each, in other words, let's not use examples we have seen in class.

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Gagne's 5 Categories (Domains) of Learning by Mind Map: Gagne's 5 Categories (Domains) of Learning

1. Verbs to Use: Execute, Perform, Carry Out

2. An internal process by which the learners plans, controls, and monitors his/her won ways of thinking and learning, including Inventing or selecting a particular mental process to solve a problem or accomplish a task.

3. Example: Demonstrate the procedure in changing the oil in a car

4. Rules may be of two types: relational rules (principles) and procedural rules(procedures).

4.1. Verbs to Use: Demonstrate

5. Motor Skills: something you would do with your body using muscles.