Creating Classroom Community

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Creating Classroom Community by Mind Map: Creating Classroom Community

1. Community of Writers

1.1. Trusting

1.2. Real reasons for writing

1.3. Real writing

1.4. Starts on day one

1.5. Writing everyday

1.6. Showing that students are in a writing classroom

1.7. Telling students that they are writers

2. Safe Environment

2.1. Manners by teacher

2.2. Routine, Rituals

2.3. Value

2.4. Respect

2.5. Whole classroom talk

3. Teachers

3.1. Share personal experiences

3.2. Judgment free

3.3. Manners

3.4. Respect students as you would want them to respect you

3.5. Model behaviors and activities

4. Students

4.1. Un-intimidate the process

4.2. They are writers

4.3. Safe, Respected, Valued

4.4. Open

4.5. Understand the "why" of writing