Hercule Poirot Solves It All

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Hercule Poirot Solves It All by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot Solves It All

1. Mr. Hardman

1.1. American

1.2. detective

1.3. knew about the Armstrong case

1.4. doesn't smoke a pipe;smokes cigarettes

2. Edward Henry Masterman

2.1. Ratchett's valet

2.2. knew about the drugs that Rachett took to go to sleep

2.3. knew about the letters

2.4. didn't care for Ratchett

3. second murderer came in after the first murderer left

4. some of the stab wounds were there after he had died

5. were drugs given to him before the murder?

6. stabbed multiple times with both hands

7. A women and a man?

8. Mary Debenham

8.1. on her way back home from Iraq

8.2. British nanny

8.3. didn't seem surprised about the murder

8.4. knew about the Armstrong case

8.5. doesn't own a scarlet kimono dress

9. Samuel Edward Ratchett

9.1. murdered during the snow drift

9.2. millionare

9.3. offered Poirot lots of money

9.4. has a lot of "enemies"

9.5. killed a little girl

10. Caroline Martha Hubbard

10.1. very loud and dramatic

10.2. was talking about her daughter during the train ride

10.3. was acting very suspicious because of the murder

10.4. said that the murderer was in her compartment

10.5. said that the compartments weren't bolted when she left her room

10.6. found the buttons of the Wagon Lit attendent

11. Hector Willard MacQueen

11.1. works for Ratchett

11.2. knew about the letter

11.3. didn't care about Ratchett's death

11.4. dislikes Ratchett

11.5. denied knowing about replacing the bar of the compartment's bar

12. Hildegarde Schmidt

12.1. denied not knowing anything about the murder

12.2. doesn't own the scarlet kimono

12.3. was with the princess for half an hour

12.4. saw the conductor come out of a compartment

12.5. has never been to America

12.6. knew about the Armstrong case

13. M. Bouc

13.1. owner of the train

13.2. a friend of Poiort

13.3. helps Poirot with the murder case

14. Was there more than one murderer?

15. Wagon Lit Conductor

15.1. conductor of the train

15.2. Frenchman

15.3. claimed that the button wasn't his

16. Greta Ohlsson

16.1. trained nurse

16.2. going on holiday

16.3. did not know about the Armstrong kidnapping case

17. Count and Countess Andrenyi

17.1. had conjoining compartments

17.2. the Count didn't want his wife to talk to Poirot

17.3. Count does not smoke a pipe

18. Colonel Arbuthnot

18.1. British

18.2. talks about Miss Debenham

18.3. was in MacQueen's compartment after the murder

18.4. smokes a pipe

18.5. heard a women walk by his compartment

18.6. knew about the Armstrong case

19. Princess Dragomiroff

19.1. didn't want to talk to Poirot

19.2. Colonel Armstrong's wife is her god-daughter

20. Antonio Foscarelli

20.1. American and French

20.2. knew about the Armstrong case

20.3. smoke cigarettes