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Health by Mind Map: Health

1. Healthy habits

1.1. Drink a glass of water before every meal

1.2. Eat one really healthy meal

1.3. Have fun completing a physical challenge

1.4. Get between seven and eight hours of sleep per night.

1.5. Get outside

2. ilnesses+injures

2.1. Added Sugar is High in Fructose, Which Can Overload Your Liver

2.2. Sugar Can Give You Cancer

2.3. A junk food diet could also affect your brain’s synapses and the molecules related to memory and learning

2.4. Too much sodium causes your body to retain water, making you feel bloated and puffy.

3. Unhealthy habits

3.1. Eating late at night

3.2. Not getting enough exeercises

3.3. Eating to much sodium

3.4. Skiping on sleep

4. Food

4.1. Vegetables an Fruits

4.2. Seafood

4.3. Nuts & Seeds

4.4. Eggs & Dairy