Natives, Africans, & Mexicans in the U.S from 1776 - 1861

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Natives, Africans, & Mexicans in the U.S from 1776 - 1861 by Mind Map: Natives, Africans, & Mexicans in the U.S from 1776 - 1861

1. Indian American

1.1. Indian Removal, Extract from Andrew Jackson's Seventh Annual Message to Congress, Jackson on Indian Removal readings

1.1.1. Jackson treated Native American as children in need of guidance. He forces them to follow his command to moving the Indian American with the purpose of blatant stealing of land.

1.2. As Long as the Grass Grows or Water Runs, A People's History of the United States reading

1.2.1. Indian Removal treaty of President Jackson had done to Indian American is a sin

2. African American

2.1. Jefferson on Virginia reading

2.1.1. Whites and free blacks could never live side by side. Black slaves are placed in lower position than white.

2.2. African American reading

2.2.1. European capture and sale Africans for the American slave markets as cheap labor resources resulting broken family, separated relatives.

2.2.2. Civil War in 17th and 18th centuries, some blacks gained their freedom right, property, social interacts.

3. American-Mexican War

3.1. Manifest Destiny reading

3.1.1. American started to search for more colonies.

3.2. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo reading

3.2.1. Due to the declaration of Texas's Independence, Mexico wants to reconquer. therefore, U.S. congress send troop to protect the border

3.3. Many Truths Constitute the Past reading

3.3.1. there was a war for gold mine in the South- Texas and Mexico resulting approximately 75 thousand Mexicans living from California to Texas and automatically became U.S citizen after 1 year.

3.4. A War of Violence reading

3.4.1. American-Mexican war is a war about slavery and land because of the fight for cotton land therefore, there would be needs of slave.