Key Ideas in creating classroom writing communities

Key Ideas

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Key Ideas in creating classroom writing communities by Mind Map: Key Ideas in creating classroom writing communities

1. Students should know they are writiers from day 1

1.1. withing the first hour of the first day of school, start writing!

1.2. Teachers should model this by writing with the students

2. Teachers should write with students

2.1. What teachers what students to do, Teachers should model.

2.2. Students should view their teachers as writers

3. Arrange class in certain ways to make sharing writings easier

3.1. Arrange desks so students can easily see each other

3.2. Arrange desks so students can quicky transition into small groups for writing activities

4. Students should feel as though they have a voice in the classroom

4.1. It is important for students to share their work with one another

4.2. Students respect the feeback of their peers and enjoy giving feedback to their peers

4.3. Teacher should demonstrate by sharing his or her stories as well

5. Celebrate accomplishments

5.1. group should applaud accomplishments so students feel a sense of pride in their writings

6. Students should feel safe and respected

6.1. Demonstrate using manners when talking with students and encourage students to use manners

6.2. Routine and ritual help students feel safe

6.3. When teacher is responding, they should crouch down so they are at the students level rather then towering over the student making them feel uncomfortable