Tragic Fig. = Willy Loman

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Tragic Fig. = Willy Loman by Mind Map: Tragic Fig. = Willy Loman

1. Overall

1.1. Effects on family - Points to how capitalism controlled/controls actions, wears on the mind and body through stress

1.2. Being down, not living up to certain standards of masculinity creates an internal struggle which eventually spills out and affects closest members around the character

1.3. Suffering caused the line between fantasy and reality to become blurred, which happens on a regular basis in everyday lives

2. Willy Loman - Tragic Figure

2.1. Subconsciously & consciously aware of mental, emotional, societal instability - attempts suicide, creating more uproar between him and his eldest son - convinces himself through an apparition of older brother that he is right to kill himself

3. Linda Loman - Wife

3.1. Puts on front to cope with Willy's mental ramblings and subconscious emotional neglect

3.2. Takes frustrations out on children as a result - hates/ strongly dislikes hearing/seeing Biff openly criticize Willy's whole being

3.3. Is the archetypal 1930's/1940's house wife; marked as nothing more, yet has to manage the finances on account of Willy's unstable actions within his job

3.4. Constantly creating excuses to account for husband's outward suffering which everyone, including his boss and children, take note of

3.4.1. Introduction - why are you writing about this?

3.4.2. Subhead 1

3.4.3. Subhead 2

3.4.4. Subhead 3

3.4.5. Conclusion - what summarizes what is most interesting about your topic?

4. Biff Loman - Eldest Son

4.1. Made Biff feel inadequate - didn't have the salesman career father wanted - fell short in adulthood versus teenage years - wants to get back to that

4.2. Father's "big talk" about him in early years caused pressure to mount - became kleptomaniac as a result of not feeling right as a salesmen yet trying to fulfill father's dreams again - man vs. man

4.3. In his thirties, still feels under immense pressure - causes him to steal fountain pen - epiphany later revealed to father - causes a final fight

4.3.1. Inspire someone about your topic?

4.3.2. Specific grade?

4.3.3. Do your best work?

5. Happy Loman - Youngest Son

5.1. Is ignored in younger years, partly due to Willy's obsession with dreams of Biff's "success" as a salesman