Milgram Variations

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Milgram Variations by Mind Map: Milgram Variations

1. Telephonic Instructions (Exp. 7)

1.1. Aim

1.1.1. To see if the proximity of the authority figure would affect obedience

1.2. Procedure

1.2.1. The experimenter was not in the room

1.2.2. They communicate via a telephone instead

1.3. Results

1.3.1. Obedience level dropped (22.5%)

1.3.2. People did not obey the orders - continuously giving 15V shocks rather than increasing the intensity

1.4. Conclusion

1.4.1. Less obedient when authority figure isn't in the room

2. Rundown Office Block (Exp. 10)

2.1. Aim

2.1.1. To see if the power of institution affected the results

2.2. Procedure

2.2.1. Setting changed Experiment took place in a rundown office block in Bridgeport

2.3. Results

2.3.1. Obedience level dropped (47.5%)

2.4. Conclusion

2.4.1. The location reduced the legitimacy of the study

2.4.2. Some participants questioned the credentials of the company during the debrief

3. Ordinary Man Give Orders (Exp. 13)

3.1. Aim

3.1.1. To see if the appearance of the experimenter affected the obedience

3.2. Procedure

3.2.1. Ordinary man giving the commands to the teacher

3.2.2. Experimenter does not say what shock levels are being used

3.2.3. He leaves the room after receiving a phone call

3.3. Results

3.3.1. Obedience levels dropped (20%)

3.4. Conclusion

3.4.1. Because the experimenter wasn't an authentic authority figure, the participants felt less obliged to comply with the demands