Student-centered learning

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Student-centered learning by Mind Map: Student-centered learning

1. 5 Characteristics of student- centered learning

1.1. Based on the need of the student.

1.2. Encourages critical thinking

1.3. Collaboration between teacher and student.

1.4. Students are a part of the decision-making process.

1.5. Encourages small group discussion.

2. Teacher-centered learning

2.1. 5 Characteristics of teacher-centered learning

2.2. Promotes independent learning.

2.3. Students are passive learners.

2.4. The teacher makes all the decisions.

2.5. The focus is all on the teacher.

2.6. Teachers use lecture formats.

3. Three benefits of teacher-centered learning

3.1. Students learn how to work independently.

3.2. Students will not miss a discussion.

3.3. Students are more focus on the discussion.

4. Three benefits of student-centered learning

4.1. Students learn how to critical reflect.

4.2. Students learn how to work cooperatively with others.

4.3. “A student who can retain information is more valuable than the one who memorizes it” (Cubukcu, 2012, p. 49).

5. Examples of drawbacks for teacher-centered learning

6. Examples of drawbacks for student-centered learning.

7. Referencees