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Hans Veen - Toekomstforum by Mind Map: Hans Veen - Toekomstforum

1. Network

1.1. Research on networks

1.1.1. structure of networks is similar

1.2. Use of networks

1.2.1. Economy

1.2.2. Airtraffic Spread of SARS

1.2.3. Healthcare

1.3. A Hub

1.3.1. Cores within networks

1.3.2. Cores of knowledge group knowledge knowing where knowledge is

1.4. Knowledge is power

1.4.1. Knowing people who know is power?

1.4.2. knowledge used to be power?

1.5. Exercise

1.5.1. who is here to meet with a person for a particular reason

1.6. 6 degrees of separation

1.6.1. 6 steps to reach a goal

1.6.2. Exercise.... picture