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Jos Zandvliet - Creative thinking by Mind Map: Jos Zandvliet -
Creative thinking
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Jos Zandvliet - Creative thinking


2-3 hours usually

Usually 12 people

Creativity is?







Context dependent


easy solutions


draw a dog.

Questions, Who drew a tail?, Who didn't draw genitals?, Who made the dog float, Who drew in side perspective?, Who drew a dog that looks left?

Patterns, Help us, obstruct us, breaking patterns

Attitudes and skills


Seeing, what do you see?, once your mind sees something it's hard to see something else

association, Associations on the word Bike, Flower association, staying close to the core, Chain association, Chicken, farm, vacation, etc.

Imagination, images, I did not take pictures... but this is the core of this session!

The best way to get good ideas: have many ideas

Rules of the game

Postpone judgement

associate on ideas of others..

missed rest of slide

Creative question

example, How to fight traffic jams?, How to fight traffic jams around Utrecht?, How to promote carpooling during rush hour in Utrecht?, How can we prevent the ring around Utrecht to contain cars with only the driver sitting inside?



Direct analogy, 1. Name animals, 2. take one animal, properties of the animal, 3. Forced Fit, Connect properties to topics of brainstorm

Personal analogy, 1. If I were, How would I behave, 2. Forced fit, Apply ideas to intitial question

Imagine your hero, How would your hero solve the problem?

Theory of creativity, Blue ideas, now, Red ideas, wow, Innovative, Break through, Give energy, Can be done, Yellow ideas, how