Divi Tutorials Timeline

This is a mind map with all the Divi WordPress Theme tutorials that have been released so far since its initial release. You can find more at http://wordpressexamples.com. You can check out more about the Divi WordPress Theme of Elegant Themes here: http://bit.ly/specialofferpage

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Divi Tutorials Timeline by Mind Map: Divi Tutorials Timeline

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2. December 2013

2.1. An Overview Of The Divi Builder

2.2. Using The Theme Customizer

2.3. Adding A Custom Logo Image

2.4. Creating Mega Menus

2.5. Using The Blog Module

2.6. Using The Blurb Module

2.7. Using The Call To Action

2.8. Using The Contact Form Module

2.9. Using The Counters Module

2.10. Using The Divider Module

2.11. Using The Full Width Header Module

2.12. Using The Image Module

2.13. Using The Portfolio Module

2.14. Using The Pricing Tables

2.15. Using The Shop Module

2.16. Using The Sidebar Module

2.17. Using The Slider Module

2.18. Using The Subscribe Module

2.19. Using The Tabs Module

2.20. Using The Testimonials Module

2.21. Using The Text Module

2.22. Using The Toggles Module

2.23. Using Premade Layouts

2.24. Saving Loading Layouts

2.25. How To Import And Export Saved Layouts

2.26. Using The Divi Theme Options

2.27. Creating Projects In Divi

3. June 2014

3.1. Introducing Divi 2.0

3.2. Installing Your Divi Theme

3.3. Using The Theme Customizer

3.4. Using Divi Header & Navigation Options

3.5. Using Divi Sections

3.6. Using The Divi Accordion Module

3.7. Using The Divi Audio Player Module

3.8. Using The Divi Blurb Module

3.9. Using The Divi Circle Counter Module

3.10. Using The Divi Countdown Timer Module

3.11. Using The Divi Fullwidth Menu Module

3.12. Using The Divi Fullwidth Portfolio Module

3.13. Using The Divi Filterable Portfolio Module

3.14. Using The Divi Image Gallery Module

3.15. Using The Divi Image Module

3.16. Using The Divi Login Module

3.17. Using The Divi Map Module

3.18. Using The Divi Number Counter Module

3.19. Using The Divi Subscribe Module

3.20. Using The Divi Social Follow Module

3.21. Using The Divi Testimonial Module

3.22. Using The Divi Team Member Module

3.23. Using Divi Post Formats

3.24. Using Divi's Blank Pages

4. November 2014

4.1. How to Use the Video Slider Module

4.2. Using the Divi Video Module

5. June 2015

5.1. An Overview of the New Divi Builder

5.2. Using the Divi Module Customizer

5.3. Adjusting Mobile Styles in the Divi Theme Customizer

5.4. Divi Fullwidth Header Module

5.5. The Divi Code Module

5.6. Importing and Exporting the Divi Library

5.7. Divi Rows and Row Settings

5.8. Using the Divi Header Customizer Settings

5.9. The Divi Library

5.10. Divi Library Global Modules

5.11. Divi Library Selective Sync

5.12. Divi Post Title Module

5.13. The Divi Theme and Module Customizer

5.14. Using the Divi Button Customizer Settings

5.15. Using The Layout & Typography Customizer Settings

5.16. Divi Advanced Design Settings & Custom CSS

6. September 2015 Divi 2.5

6.1. Using the Divi Role Editor

6.2. Using Divi's Right Click Controls

7. October 2015 Divi Builder Plugin

7.1. The Divi Builder Blog Module

7.2. Divi Builder Images Gallery Module

7.3. The Divi Builder Audio Module

7.4. The Divi Builder Video Module

7.5. The Divi Builder Video Slider Module

7.6. The Divi Builder Filterable Portfolio Module

7.7. The Divi Builder Fullwidth Menu Module

7.8. The Divi Builder Image Module

7.9. The Divi Builder Portfolio Module

7.10. The Divi Builder Sidebar Module

7.11. The Divi Builder Slider Module

7.12. The Divi Builder Text Module

7.13. Divi Builder Call To Action Module

7.14. Divi Builder Login Module

7.15. Divi Builder Number Counter

7.16. The Divi Builder Accordion Module

7.17. The Divi Builder Bar Counters Module

7.18. The Divi Builder Blurb Module

7.19. The Divi Builder Contact Form Module

7.20. The Divi Builder Countdown Timer Module

7.21. The Divi Builder Divider Module

7.22. The Divi Builder Email Optin Module

7.23. The Divi Builder Social Follow Module

7.24. The Divi Builder Map Module

7.25. The Divi Builder Person Module

7.26. The Divi Builder Pricing Table Module

7.27. The Divi Builder Shop Module

7.28. The Divi Builder Tabs Module

7.29. The Divi Builder Testimonial Module

7.30. The Divi Builder Toggle Module

7.31. The Divi Circle Counter Module

8. January 2016 Divi 2.6

8.1. Divi Button Module

8.2. Divi Builder Comments Module

8.3. Divi Builder Post Navigation Module

8.4. Divi Builder Post Slider Module

8.5. Divi Builder Search Module

9. This is a mind map with all the Divi WordPress Theme Tutorials that have been released so far. The map is regularly updated. You can click on the little arrows in the boxes to start that tutorial in a new window. The tutorials are sorted by date.

10. July 2014

10.1. Divi Single Page Sidebar Navigation

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12. Facebook Group Divi Theme Users

13. Divi Theme Examples and Layouts (Video)