Phobias- Things that scare me


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Phobias- Things that scare me by Mind Map: Phobias- Things that scare me

1. Claustrophobia

1.1. i don't like small spaces because it makes me feel that something is going to happen around the corner in the next 5mins or so. like especially when i don't like going on the lifts.

2. Dying

2.1. you don't know where you are going to go, like your family or friends could bury you in the dump or in the sea. Or no where to be found.

3. Dark Rooms

3.1. You don't know who is around you or what is going to happen next and plus someone could assassinate you with Thermal vision.

4. Heights

4.1. Very tall buildings when i was at the top i felt like the building was going to collapse, or be demolished this building was; The Empire State Building

5. Clonephobia

5.1. Because they kill sweet innocent jedi's in the jedi temple, even the little children that yoda was teaching earlier.

6. Zombies

6.1. i am scared that one day there will be a zombie attack and everyone won't expect it and probably run for the hills or just Grab there shotgun and probably kill everyone in sight and end Humanity