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160218-EnviroTheoryFramework by Mind Map: 160218-EnviroTheoryFramework

1. Using Big Words

1.1. Definition/limitations

1.1.1. "Big" as in all-encompassing concept Problem: Essentialism (fixed in time, 8 foot paintbrush, monovalent, etc.)

1.1.2. "Big" as in meaningful to many Problem: Can't answer why (i.e., understand Big Words as cultural inspirations)

1.1.3. "Big" as in powerful Problem: Can't answer how (i.e., understand Big Words as politically efficacious)

1.2. Recommended approach

1.2.1. All Big Words are real…but only as ideologies (social ideas)

1.2.2. Nominalism: No universals (Big Words) a priori This applies to substance universals, which make a particular claim on reality. Nature Intersectionality This doesn't apply to process universals, which shape reality but in many possible ways. Place Power Related notions Actor-network theory OOO

2. Four Domains

2.1. Questions

2.1.1. Ontology (Reality) Our case: Anthropocene Nature duality: Nature/culture Place resolution: Counting beyond two

2.1.2. Epistemology (Knowlege) Our case: Science wars Nature duality: Matter/mind Place resolution: Relationism

2.1.3. Ethics Our case: Ecotopia Duality: Facts/values Place resolution: Grounding

2.1.4. Politics Our case: Sustainability Duality: Global/local Place resolution: Cosmopolitanism

2.2. Reductionisms

2.2.1. Ontic-epistemic fallacy Reduction of being to knowing, or vice versa

2.2.2. Ethical-political fallacy Reduction of values to power, or vice versa