Standards and Objectives of ELL Programs

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Standards and Objectives of ELL Programs by Mind Map: Standards and Objectives of ELL Programs

1. English as a Second Language: Pull Out

1.1. Standards

1.1.1. Standard 1

1.1.2. Standard 2

1.1.3. Standard 3

1.1.4. Standard 4

1.1.5. Standard 5

1.2. Teaching Strategies

1.2.1. When students are in the mainstream classroom, make the lessons visual! This will allow students to pair English words with the images and help facilitate comprehension.

1.2.2. Use cooperative learning strategies so that ELL students do not feel isolated. Small groups are a great way for ELL students to really open up and practice English.

2. Two-Way Dual Language Program

2.1. Standards

2.1.1. Communication Interpersonal Interpretive Presentational

2.1.2. Cultures

2.1.3. Connections

2.1.4. Comparisons

2.1.5. Communities

2.2. Teaching Strategies

2.2.1. Create a welcoming classroom environment that reflects all students' backgrounds.

2.2.2. Provide opportunities fro students' families and other community members to share their stories with the class. This will create an inclusive environment.

2.2.3. Devote approximately equal time to both languages. Students should be given opportunities to learn in both their native language and the language they are learning.