Indefinite Articles a/an

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Indefinite Articles a/an by Mind Map: Indefinite Articles a/an

1. Considerd indefinite articles: And they are used to introduce new concepts in a speech

2. Article in English grammar

2.1. It is a ket that introduces a noun phrase

3. Use "an" with words that start with a vowel sound

3.1. Examples

3.2. Whit "an"

3.3. 1- An orange

4. Use "a", "and" only with singular nouns

4.1. Examples

4.2. with a

4.3. 1- It s a book

5. with a

5.1. 2- A heart

5.2. 3- A truck

5.3. It is a definite article "a" and is analogous to articles "A"

6. Whit an

6.1. 2- And house

6.2. 3- An camera

6.3. 4- A clock