One Piece

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One Piece by Mind Map: One Piece

1. The Four Yonkou

1.1. The Four Yonkou are the four strongest pirates currently sailing the seas.

1.1.1. Shanks A one armed pirate and luffys role model. He lost his arm saving luffy from a shark.

1.1.2. Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate Creater if what is know as "The Whitebeard Era."

1.1.3. Kaidou Nothing is known about Kaidou

1.1.4. Big Mom Nothing is known about Bid Mom

2. Monkey D. Luffy

2.1. The Main protagonist of the series

2.2. Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no mi

2.2.1. The gomu gomu no mi, the rubber fruit, is a paramecia type devil fruit that turns the body in rubber. this allows luffy to stretch and have a high treshold for pain.

2.2.2. Gear Second Luffy pumps his blood through his rubber body allowing him to stretch and move much faster. However, it takes lots of energy and he needs to eat twice as much meat afterward.

2.2.3. Gear Third Luffy blows into his rubber body allow him to expand certain areas of his body. However, after use, his body grows small.

2.3. Luffy has a natural super-human strength.

2.4. Luffy's favorite food is meat, and he eats a lot of it.

2.5. Luffy is the captain of the strawhat pirates.

2.6. Luffy's trademark straw-hat was given to him by his favorite pirate, Shanks.

3. The Grand Line

3.1. The Grand line is the most dangerous part of the sea. The weather conditions are fierce and unpredictable. The only man to reach the end of the grand line is Gol D. Roger and it is presumed his treasure lies on the last island.

3.2. The Grand line is seperated into two parts. The red line is a half way point. all islands after the red line is a part of the "New World."

3.2.1. The New World is even more dangerous and the pirates who sail here are extremely dangerous. Pirates of the new world refer to the first half of the grand line as a "paradise."

4. Marines

4.1. The Marines are the main and largest antagonists of all pirates. They are a militant force preserving justice in the world.

4.2. The Marines are very strong and have very many ranks.

4.2.1. Fleet Admirial The fleet admiral controls the entire military force. Sengoku is the current fleet admiral Sengoku is a very powerful marine. He has a mastery of Haki and has consumed a devil fruit that allows him to take the form of a gaint budduh. Not much else has been confirmed.

4.2.2. Admirals The three admirals are the three strongest marines under the Fleet Admiral. They are all haki users and have all eaten Logia class devil fruits. Aokiji Kizaru Akainu

4.2.3. Vice Admirals The trongest Marines under admiral class. Monkey D. Garp is a vice admiral and the Uncle of Monkey D. Luffy. He is known as the hero of the marines and is an admiral class marine, but turned down the promotion when offered to him.

5. Haki

5.1. Haki is a mysterious energy that only a few possess. It is obtained through hard work.

5.2. There are three types of Haki

5.2.1. Color of Observation This type of haki allows one to sense the movements of living things before they happen.

5.2.2. Color of Armaments This type of haki allows of to harden their bodies like a suit of armor. It also can be used as a weapon, giving one incredible strength.

5.2.3. Color of the Conquering King This type of haki is the rarest type of haki. It is the power of intimidation and can be so powerful it can even make others lose consciousness.

6. Devil Fruits

6.1. Devil Fruits are disgusting fruits that when consumed disable one from ever being able to swim, however they gain one ablilty.

6.2. There are three types of devil fruits

6.2.1. Zoan Zoan fruits allow one to take the form of an animal. They can turn into a hybrid of an animal and a full version of the animal. For example, the Neko Neko no Mi: Model leopard allows one to turn into a leopard and a human-leopard hybrid.

6.2.2. Paramecia Paramecia fruits allow one to change the environment around them or change something about their bodies. For example, The Hana Hana no Mi allows one to grow limbs on any solid surface, even human bodies.

6.2.3. Logia Logia fruits are considered the most powerful of the three classes of devil fruits. They allow one to control and take the form of a certain element. For example, the Mera Mera no Mi allows one to control and take the form of fire.

7. Types of Pirates

7.1. Peace Maine

7.1.1. Types of pirates who love the thrill of adventure. Their crew is their treasure.

7.2. Morgania

7.2.1. Pirates who fight for treasure and personal gain.

8. One Piece

8.1. One Piece is the treasure at the end of the Grand Line. It was possessed by the pirate king "Gol D. Roger" who told all of his treasure seconds before his execution.

8.2. After Roger told all of his treasure, pirates from all around the world set sail to the end of the grand line in search for one piece.