Teachers' Work

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Teachers' Work by Mind Map: Teachers' Work

1. Counselors – addressing the social and emotional needs of children

2. Nursing/care giving and seeing to the physical needs of the students

3. Developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships with children, parents, colleagues, and administrators

4. Attending meetings

5. Lesson and unit planning

6. Reflecting on teaching practice and investigating ways to improve instruction and meet the needs of students

7. Setting up the classroom and managing the environment

8. Reflective journaling and anecdotal record keeping related to an individual child’s needs as well as on group trends

9. Doing research related to professional growth and/or greater understanding of developments in the field

10. Professional development

11. Communicating with families – keeping parents aware of their child’s progress and what is happening in the classroom

12. Parent conferences

13. Establishing teaming approach with parents

14. Co-teaching and collaborative planning with other teachers

15. Paperwork – record keeping

16. Assessment – testing

17. Classroom management and student discipline

18. Showing compassion and love for students