7th grade subjects

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7th grade subjects by Mind Map: 7th grade subjects

1. maths

2. social studies and history

3. french

4. computers

5. islamic studies

5.1. assingments

5.2. tests

6. P.E

6.1. exercises we learnt

7. English

7.1. projects

7.1.1. had to write a book of our own

7.1.2. had to make poems diferent kinds of poems sad funny serious romantic and etc

7.2. assingments

7.2.1. had 2 book 3 book reports the book i read were hound of the baskervilles best friends robinson crusoe sleep overs

7.2.2. had a major test

7.3. work done in class

7.3.1. we wrote poems

7.3.2. learnt MLA fromat

7.3.3. worked from elements of literature

7.4. books read

7.4.1. a wrinkle in time did literature circles

7.4.2. yeh-shin

7.4.3. read poems

7.4.4. k-9 to the rescue

8. science

8.1. projects

8.1.1. Untitled mission astronomy

8.1.2. power point of scientist

8.2. things learnt in class

8.2.1. astronomy

8.2.2. about earth earth quakes natural resourses core, mantle, and what ever is in earth

8.2.3. volcanoes how they form how they erupt how are they built

8.2.4. plate tectonics

8.2.5. minirels & rocks

8.2.6. water cycle

8.3. assingments

8.3.1. three major tests inside earth astronomy scientific methods

9. art

9.1. arts made by me

9.1.1. take a line for a walk

9.1.2. sketching

9.1.3. masks paper mishe foil paper after doing everything we make design and paint on it clay

9.1.4. making thingss out of many paper or straws and all waste materials

9.2. what did i learn frm that

9.2.1. to be more artistic

9.2.2. more creative

9.2.3. learn to make new stuff

9.2.4. etc

10. english