Bill Jensen

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Bill Jensen by Mind Map: Bill Jensen

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2. There is a disconnect between the corporate and the grass root component of the organization

2.1. The workforce wants to do amazing work... let them do it!

3. Josh Klein

4. No One Can Piss for You

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6. Bill & Josh's Blog

7. Book: Hacking Work - Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results

8. NO one can piss for you!

8.1. Picture a temple in Japan - a zen master - pissing is something no one else can do for me, somethings can not be delegated. Each one of us must stand up and do them ourselves...

8.1.1. how many are employees talking to you! work is broken

8.2. There are things only you can do... who no one else can!

9. One employee was a dissident

9.1. used a simpler system

9.1.1. it worked because when he created input there would to be a security hole and had the gift of 4 an 1/2 hours to work in the week you don't have to be a techy to find simpler systems - just do a search for the answers to your problems.

10. The thing he had been hired for to find out why employees weren't collaborating - bottom line? Travel expenses

10.1. using his application savings

11. He was fired

11.1. because he had solved the problem

11.1.1. so was he crying in his beer ...!!! so I solved their problem I gave them an opportunity to be innovative...

12. I already have four job offers

12.1. I was tweeting about it on the way home and blogged about it

12.1.1. received a phone call saying we are hiring and another company who was not hiring called him in his software was then sold to the competitor

13. Employees are rated on the bottom line

13.1. Intent is the problem

13.1.1. Executives design corporated centred not user centred a retailer having difficuty getting his sales going consultants came back saying you are not giving the employee the tools and support... so

14. 35% reduction of effeciency if an employee uses the tools supplied by the corporate structure

14.1. employees want to do amazing work but are strangled

14.1.1. ...all of us who work have an opportunity like never before

15. Get out there - how big can you dream?

15.1. there is an app for that

15.1.1. it matters what is in your heart what matters is whether you care enough to break down the walls and the rules... let's change the work world

15.2. Break the Rules in order to increase productivity

16. Let's BREAK The RULES!!!!